Gervonta Davis explains how he trained with Mayweather to fight Santa Cruz


Gervonta davis explained how he has trained with Floyd mayweather for your fight with Leo Santa Cruz.

“I wanted to take my camp to Las Vegas,” he explained. Davis in communication with talkSPORT. “I trained for six or eight weeks, because I know I will fight a top-notch fighter.”

Y Gervonta went to Las Vegas, because right there is the gym of Floyd mayweather.

“We know that Leo (Santa Cruz) comes to fight. It brings pressure, and it’s a great volume puncher. So I finished my camp here (in Las Vegas), to focus even more on boxing, ”said the 25-year-old.

Mayweather’s Company to Davis

For Gervonta davis, that I sponsor him Floyd mayweather it was a blessing in a boxing, media and economic sense.

“I am definitely grateful to Mayweather for being in my camp. For helping me modify the things that will allow me to fight better, “he emphasized. Tank. “He was always practical, he told me what to do inside the ring. He’s been there to train me for my first PPV fight. “

Y Davis further, to describe the role that Floyd has played in this preparation.

“For all. Train me, be there when I’m down, push me. There are things that Mayweather you can tell me, because you were there before me. It has been hand in hand with both, my coach and Floyd. The sky is the limit ”, declared the one of Baltimore.

For its part, Mayweather revealed that working together reigns within the team of Gervonta Davis.

“In the gym, Calvin (coach of Gervonta davis) and I work hand in hand “, he stated Mayweather. “Sometimes I have to go, fly and take care of business. When I’m back, I give him advice, I talk to him about PPV and how those things work. When a guy is in a boxing gym, and he’s had a tough job that day, he doesn’t want interviews and things like that, but he has to do it because it’s part of the job. “

Davis’ first PPV event

The contest with Leo Santa Cruz, it will be the first pay-per-view show that will star Gervonta davis.

“Because of the crowd, you have a lot of pressure on you,” he said. Gervonta. “You have to live up to a PPV fight, not just once, but keep it that way.”

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