Giving Johnson a grotesque cut, Jaime Munguía won by technical knockout

Porpinándole un grotesco corte a Johnson, Jaime Munguía venció por nocaut técnico

Jaime Munguía beat Turean Johnson by TKO in the sixth round after Johnson was unable to stay in the fight because of a grotesque cut to his upper lip.

Until then, Turean Johnson had made a worthy fight, in which he managed to inconvenience Munguía throughout the time the combat lasted. Johnson was always in front, cutting the distance, overtaking Munguía, dirtying the fight at times, and forcing him to fight in reverse during long periods of the fight.

It was a different fight than what Munguía had seen in his career. Although the super frontal style of Turean it bothered him and at times even overwhelmed him and despaired, Munguía He demonstrated flashes of boxing intelligence to resolve the issue. And he did it based on receiving Tureano with uppers that raised his head. And that resource of Munguía it would end up being key.

Turean forced Munguía to fight at times in reverse, and Munguía fell into that trap several times. That reverse boxing does nothing for Munguía, that when he walks backwards throwing punches, he loses power and speed. Faced with that type of super frontal rivals, it was convenient to stand on the canvas to receive him with uppers, or to counterattack him.

When Munguía He stood was when he looked best, because although the combat got into the short field and got dirty, Munguía he was perceived as the superior fighter, in technique and intelligence. His strikes looked better planned, and better executed. He found open targets to hit the body, or to hit the uppercut, and Munguía exploited those holes. Had he been more consistent and composed to stay there, he probably would have ended the fight earlier.

It was the first time Jaime Munguía he was fighting a full-size middleweight. And there he realized that his punch does not have the same impact as in super welterweight. Yes Munguía it will knock out in the middle class it will be based on demolishing the rival until it wears him out and surrenders him. He is not going to knock out short combinations.

And that is precisely what happened to Turean that withstood everything Munguía threw him, and it was by grinding and grinding, that Munguía got the doctor to bend Turean.

The most effective hit for Jaime Munguía the whole fight, it had been the upper. Over and over again he shook his head at Turean Johnson towards the lamps. And on one of those occasions, in the sixth round, the result was gruesome. A violent right upper, when Turean it went in, sent saliva, blood, and pieces of skin flying out. The hit of Jaime Munguía provoked Turean Johnson a grotesque cut on the upper lip.

The doctor checked the wound and the only thing that allowed him to Turean It was 20 more seconds to finish the round. As soon as the fighting resumed, Jaime Munguía he went for him in a hurry and with urgency, and grabbed him in two-handed combinations. Practically all the blows entered shaking Turean until the round ended.

The doctor no longer allowed Turean Johnson go out to the seventh round, and since the cut had been by blow, the technical knockout was ruled in favor of Jaime Munguía.

It was a didactic fight for Jaime Munguía who continues to show progress in his boxing under the instruction of Erik morales. As soon as Munguía it advances, it also shows deficiencies. And in this case, what Munguía lacked was the serenity to plant himself on the canvas and impose his fighting style, handling the jab to keep Turean In the distance. But by not being consistent in doing so, he would pull back, throwing blows in reverse, losing all effectiveness. When Munguía He was serene, he was dominant over Turean Johnson.

Thus, Jaime Munguía He fights his second fight in the middle classes in a good way, against a tough rival, veteran jigger and hardened as Turean Johnson.

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