Imola is back! Mercedes at the forefront of a key date in Formula 1

Fórmula 1

14 years had to wait for fans of the Formula 1 to be able to see the cars again turn on the historic Imola circuit. The memory of Ayrton senna Y Roland ratzenberger it has been in force since 1994 and that is why tributes were the order of the day. After a weekend full of emotions, the category faces its 13th date.

The team Mercedes it can sentence the Constructors’ Championship. In order to close the contest, you must place one of the two cars among the first four places, if this happens they will be crowned for the seventh consecutive year in the Formula 1, quite a record. Red bull he may aspire to clinch second place in the championship in the next few races.

Mercedes ahead

Valtteri Bottas had a spectacular Saturday. In the qualifying test, the Finn took out everything he had in his portfolio and took the pole position from Lewis hamilton in the last second. The Briton will attack him in the first chicane of Tamburello to be able to escape to victory. Another adverse result can be decisive for Bottas in the championship and in morale.

Championship status

After Lewis Hamilton’s victory in the Portuguese Grand Prix, the championship was left with the Briton stretching his lead. Hamilton leads the classification with 225 units, against the 179 points of Valtteri Bottas. For its part, Max verstappen it is still third with 162. The constructors’ championship has Mercedes first with 435, while Red Bull has 226.

Schedules for the race

Mercedes will seek the Formula 1 constructors’ title this Sunday. Starting at 09.00 AM in Buenos Aires, Santiago de Chile, Montevideo and Asunción the race will begin. For its part, in La Paz and Caracas it will be at 08.00 AM. In Quito, Lima and Bogotá it will be at 07.00 AM. Finally, in Mexico City at 06.00 AM. The transmission will be through ESPN or on the premium platform of Formula 1 (F1TV).

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