Solid, but not explosive, Usyk dominated Chisora ​​by unanimous decision

Sólido, pero sin explosividad, Usyk dominó a Chisora por decisión unánime

Oleksandr Usyk defeated by unanimous decision Dereck Chisora on Saturday in London, in a fight in which the Ukrainian had to resort to a good dose of boxing ability to defeat a brave but limited opponent.

The Ukrainian gave a solid, convincing performance, which invites you to think that he is ready to compete in the heavyweight elite. But competing is not necessarily winning. And to the undeniable boxing ability that he displayed Usyk against Chisora He lacked one or two lines of that explosiveness that can be accompanied by stylist boxing. Those two lines that both Tyson fury as Anthony Joshua they have shown that they do.

The fight between Usyk Y Chisora started with a Chisora who came out like a bull to charge and overtake the Ukrainian. He sought to close the spaces, cut the exits and make the ring small. Something that Chisora achieved during the first two rounds. Based on boxing and legs, Usyk managed to open some space and breathe.

But the Ukrainian was also betting that Chisora I couldn’t sustain that rhythm and intensity. Sooner or later he would get tired and there, Usyk he would take over combat.

And indeed, the momentum of Chisora it started to fade in the third round. In that third chapter, Usyk began to find rhythm and distance. Punished the body Chisora who began to look more standing on the ring. The Ukrainian began, from there, to build his advantage.

In the fourth round, for example, the situation seemed to have changed so much, that there was a moment that the one who was chasing was Usyk. The Ukrainian became for a period of that third round the fighter who cut off the ring and the exits to Chisora, punishing him and putting his hands in him.

The tactic of Usyk it was already beginning to pay off. By the fifth chapter, the Ukrainian already looked much more comfortable in the ring than Chisora. And he was beginning to find the dynamics for counterattack. Style of Mayweather, Usyk he blocked attacks with the man, and counterpunched with speed.

Every time, Chisora it melted more, and he had more trouble getting around. UsykHowever, he was already on a totally boxing plan. Going into the sixth round, the fight looked more like the second fight between Anthony Joshua Y Andy Ruiz than the first time. Usyk He moved on the balls of his feet, comfortable, agile, with lateral steps, with multiple exit solutions. Y Chisora I was just chasing, and going after Usyk as an automaton.

In the seventh round, the tiredness of Chisora seemed about to give it up. Usyk he began to let go of his hands with a certain expressiveness, and Chisora ends the round overwhelmed, about to fall. The bell saved him from arrest.

But Usyk He showed no killing instinct, but thought coldly. If in the seventh round Chisora had ended up injured, in the eighth Usyk let him live. It wasn’t because of him. Unlike, Usyk seemed to hunt him down. He held out the decoy for the backlash. I was waiting for Chisora, and when Dereck threw blows, Usyk he sought to strike back with power. However, he was never able to connect forcefully enough.

In the ninth round, already Chisora he was standing, walking on the ring. Y Usyk He was still on the balls of his feet, boxing him, constantly moving. Counterattacking the few attacks of Chisora.

Chisora had a last wind in the 10th round. He took some breath and went to pressure Usyk, but fatigue had already taken away the strength of his blows. Y Usyk He was able to cut control of the ring quickly.

That last air of Chisora it was brief, because in the eleventh round, it seemed about to fall, to faint. Usyk he pressed him, released his hands again, attacked him with power. Chisora he took refuge in a corner to try to survive.

The fight seemed doomed. The last round, again Usyk He came out not to knock out or finish the fight, but simply on autopilot to box the last minutes of the fight. And go home with a baggy win.

Victory for Oleksandr Usyk on Chisora it was by unanimous decision. One judge saw him win 117-112 and the other two saw him win 115-113. The card of LEFT PUNCH saw him win more loosely 118-110.

In the end, the triumph of Usyk on Chisora it was solid, unanimous, but it is not a display that scares the current heavy kings. Usyk He controlled a fighter like Chisora that he has been on the periphery of the elite in the heavy, that is, in positions like eight, nine, ten, eleven.

To better measure the ranges of Usyk It would do you good to raise the bar a bit. Go against some Top 5 like Deontay Wilder, Luis Ortíz, Povetkin, or Andy Ruiz. And from there, aspire to a ticket to contest the world title.

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