“The uppercut that cut Tureano was taught to me by Erik Morales,” says Jaime Munguía


Jaime Munguía revealed that Erik morales explained the blow with which he gave a grotesque cut to Turean Johnson, last night.

“The upper that cut Turean he taught me Erik morales“, He assured Munguía, at a press conference, on the instructions of his coach. “When we came down from the ring, I was surprised. The cut was almost up to his nose, I split his entire lip ”.

Jaime Munguía’s progression with Erik Morales

Jaime Munguía explained that he has felt a progression in his boxing working with the immortal Erik morales as a coach.

“I have improved a lot, we learned many things with Erik (Morales), and we continue to learn. It’s a matter of polishing some details, ”emphasized the one from Tijuana. “We’re doing pretty well”.

The successful youth of Jaime Munguía

With 24 years, Jaime Munguía he won the popular clamor, and many are calling for it against the 160-pound champions.

“Of course we are, we are ready,” replied the winner when asked if he would face a medium monarch.

“If we work and move forward, people will ask for it,” said the Mexican to a duel with Saul Canelo Alvarez. “It would be a great fight.”

“We would very much like to return to Tijuana, after a long time without fighting there,” the undefeated man confessed nostalgically over his hometown. “We are willing to sacrifice for that.”

Learning combat

Turean Johnson I was not going to make things easy for Jaime Munguía, because it was known that his plan would spoil the lawsuit from the first bell.

“I tried not to despair, to take things calmly, to adjust little by little,” said the young boxer. “There are the results.”

“I think that was one of the keys. I tried to think. Johnson He is a very difficult fighter, I was always close to him, with his head on mine and his body on top ”, described the Mexican. “We knew how to adjust. We hit it down, hit it in the middle, and we got results. “

“I want to thank everyone who supported. Without you, nothing would be possible. I hope the fight has been to your liking, and that you will see me here again soon ”, the owner closed with an impeccable 36-0, with 29 victories before the limit.

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