After Imola, this is how the Formula 1 championship remained

Fórmula 1

The Grand Prize of Imola of the Formula 1 had a not very entertaining career. As the pilots had said, the test was boring until the end. The entrance of the security car left some intrigue near the end, which could not end any other way. Lewis hamilton won his 93rd race and Mercedes set a new record: seventh straight constructors title.

Max verstappen he had a bad taste in his mouth then an abandonment that left him without second place. He had fought his entire career with Valtteri Bottas and when he managed to pass him the car said enough. The left rear tire left him with no chance of staying there. Furthermore, the two cars of Red bull they were left without scoring points, after Alexander Albon could not score.

1-2 from Mercedes

Lewis Hamilton took a victory that he had to work on in the opening laps. At the start he placed third and almost lost the position with Pierre Gasly. However, he was able to recover and began to discount seconds with respect to Valtteri Bottas. He asked to lengthen his pit stop and rolled almost 8 laps more than planned. This was key. Valtteri Bottas took second place, as a result of Verstappen’s abandonment. Finally, Mercedes clinched the seventh title followed by constructors.

Racing point

The Mexican fans must be very angry after today’s race. Racing point threw the first podium overboard to Sergio perez. ‘Checo’ made it known through the radio once the race was over. “We are giving away another podium,” he said without getting a response from his engineers. In addition, he already announced that he will ask the team for explanations for the strategy carried out.

Championship status

After another victory, Lewis Hamilton continues to stretch his lead over Valtteri Bottas. The Briton has 282 points, while the Finn has 197. After the retirement, Max Verstappen was left with the sum of 162. Mercedes is already the constructors’ champion. The German team reached 479, while Red Bull did not add in this race with 226.

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