Defense and Justice vs. Colón (Santa Fe) – Match Report – November 1, 2020

Defense and Justice vs.  Colón (Santa Fe) - Match Report - November 1, 2020

Colón de Santa Fe won an important victory by defeating Defensa y Justicia 3-0 in the official debut of both teams in Group 2 of the Professional League Cup.

Federico Lértora, Pulga Rodríguez and Cristian Bernardi were the authors of the goals of the Sabalero victory as a visitor in Florencio Varela. Now, he will have to wait for the result between Central Córdoba de Santiago del Estero and Independiente to know if he will share the top on this first date or will remain as the only leader in the area.

With the initial whistle, Colón was the one who took the initiative of the game, taking the reins of the game in the midfield and recovering quickly to come out of counterattack.

The first great action for Sabalero came early in the game, when at eight minutes Rodrigo Aliendro took a low shot from the right end of the area and Ezequiel Unsain responded in a great way to stop the shot.

A minute later, Colón had a new opportunity to open the scoring from the hand of Tomás Chancalay, who received from Lértora and took a shot with his right foot, which came out without the precision expected by the player and the ball went out the side of the goal of the Falcon of Varela.

With repeated warnings from the cast led by Eduardo Domínguez, the first goal of the game came from a corner kick, with a perfect center sent by Chancalay so that Federico Lértora rises above the entire defense and head, places the 1- 0 for the Santa Fe team in 11 minutes of the first stage.

After Colón’s goal, Defensa y Justicia quickly went for the equalizer and from a stopped ball almost succeeded after an air shipment by Marcelo Benítez that almost managed to deflect Rodríguez, but Burián was very attentive to stop the shot.

By the same route, Crespo’s team continued to try and it was once again Benítez with a free kick that was close to scoring 1-1, but again the goalkeeper of Colón was very concentrated to guess the shot of the Falcon player.

In the 38th minute, Washington Camacho overflowed on the left wing and took a great cross for Nicolás Leguizamón, but the Defense forward could not connect correctly and the ball was deflected over Burián’s goal.

With the second half underway, Defense tried from the start to dominate the possession of the ball again and based on overflows on the sides try to reach a draw against Sabalero.

At 5 minutes after the complement, the Falcon returned to give notice of the hand of Leguizamón, who could not head quite well after a cross from the right and the ball ended up going out the side.

Minutes later, another arrival from the left to the back of the field led to a center for Romero, who had entered moments before and the forward hit him hard but the ball ended up going out the side of the post.

One play later, another action similar to the previous ones by Nicolás Leguizamón almost ended in the Defense tie, after a good center from the right, the forward failed to connect well and the ball was deflected.

When the timer ticked the 23rd minute in the second half, Wilson Morelo had a new chance for Sabalero, the first in this part, but after struggling with Breitenbruch, the forward fell and Burián left very fast to avoid any kind of inconvenience.

In half an hour of the complement, ‘Pulga’ Rodríguez had a new chance on his feet for Colón, but when it was time to hook and take the shot a defender appeared from behind to steal the ball and the illusion of stretching the advantage for Sabalero.

Three minutes later, that illusion became reality, because the Flea pressed at the time of the rejection of a defender and when the ball was left, he defined against the post to place the 2-0 of Colón in Florencio Varela and direct the victory at the premiere.

At 38, the Flea took a nice pass for Vigo and the right-back sent the center to Cristian Bernardi and Colón’s midfielder punctured it beautifully to sentence the overwhelming 3-0 as a visitor.

With the result in place, Defense gave up going for the discount and the process was settled for Sabalero, who thus achieved the victory in the opening in the Professional League Cup and a good goal difference to take into account for the definition of the Group 2.

On the next day, Colón will have to face Independiente in Avellaneda, while Defensa y Justicia will visit Central Córdoba in Santiago del Estero.

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