Do you miss Brady? Patriots lost at Buffalo and snapped a historic franchise streak


Without Brady, the Patriots They are a very different team in the NFL. In this campaign, New England does not find the way to success and Cam Newton increasingly raises more doubts. This Sunday, the ‘Pats’ fell on their visit to Buffalo by 24-21. They consumed their fourth consecutive loss and ended a winning streak in a customs that they were very good at, since they had not fallen at Bills’ house since Week 3 of 2011.

In his last eight visits to Buffalo, the Patriots came out with the triumph, but after nine years they have fallen back into the territory of the Bills, who maintain a great 6-2 record to confirm themselves as the leaders in the American Conference East. While New England is third division with just two wins and five losses. Even Miami He is above the ‘Pats’ with a 4-3 record.

The match

Josh allen, Bills quarterback, and running back Moss-Singletary became the greats of the game, scoring all three of the team’s touchdowns, all through carries. However, Buffalo suffered in the end, as the Patriots had a chance to win the game, but Cam Newton lost the ball in a carry to consummate a new setback for his team.

The game in numbers

Cam Newton finished the game with 15 of 25 completions. He threw for 174 yards and had no touchdown passes. He scored, but made it through a carry. As for Josh Allen, he completed 11 of his 18 submissions. He threw for 154 yards, had no touchdown passes and had an interception. However, he contributed by reaching the end zone with a carry to give the Bills the win.

Patriots and an October of terror

The Patriots They did not win the entire month of October and November they already started it with defeat. They fell to Kansas 26-10, with Denver 18-12. The San Francisco 49ers overwhelmed them 33-6, while now Buffalo became their executioner by taking the victory 24-21. The following week, New England faces the Jets, the last of their division, so Bill Belichick’s men are bound to win.

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