Lanús vs. Boca Juniors – Game Report – October 31, 2020

Lanús vs.  Boca Juniors - Game Report - October 31, 2020

The Boca de Miguel Angel Russo version 2020 continues to add triumphs. In the debut of the Professional League Cup, he beat Lanús 2-1 and started the participation in Zone 4 in the best way, which he shares with Talleres and Newell’s.

The goals of the current Argentine soccer champion were scored by Carlos Tevez, 18 minutes into the first half, and by Wanchope Abila at 10 minutes of the complement. José Sand scored the partial tie, at 23 in the first half.

The xeneize justly won a match in which he was superior to his rival in most of the passages, although in some moments of the first half he was overcome.

This time, DT Russo put together a different midfield from the one he had been playing. With Campuzano and Capaldo in contention, and with Salvio and Cardona for the bands.

Undoubtedly, the presence of the Colombian, above all, gave the team that deep, precise pass, and a punch that he does not have with another player on the field. Also, he lost weight when defending, especially in a lane where Frank Fabra tends to climb and a lot on the attack.

But Cardona was key. After a center from him, precisely, the 1 to 0 of Boca arrived. A justly executed corner kick fell at the feet of Tevez, who almost down the goal scored the 1-0.

Before, almost barely started the game, Boca had had a very clear opportunity: after a great qualification from Carlitos to Abila, the 9 eluded the goalkeeper very well but from a closed angle ended up finishing off the post.

Boca dominated in that section of the game, until the controversial equality arrived. A corner kick that De la Vega dropped to the far post allowed Sand to score the equalizer. But Pepe, Lanús’ top scorer, who at 40 is more current than ever, scored with his hand.

A clear image that the referee Fernando Rapallini did not see, and that invites the VAR to participate urgently in Argentine football. With a simple revision, the goal would have been canceled.

The truth is that after the tie Lanús was encouraged. And he had a very clear one on Facundo Pérez’s feet after a great qualification from Sand, which Rossi, the replacement for the injured Andrada, covered brilliantly.

The complement found Boca quickly in advantage. After a shot from Cardona that Morales rejected, Abila in position of nine headed to the goal and put the 2 to 1.

Boca could increase after that advantage. Salvio lacked precision in a couple of plays to define the game, and Cardona found after a good shot the hands of goalkeeper Morales, who prevented him from widening the difference.

At the end, Capaldo, with a good match in midfield, had an unbeatable chance to score the final 3-1, but he poorly defined face to face with Lanús 1, who responded again.

And the Garnet, after that play, was within a shot of the tie, after a hook in the area of ​​Belmonte and a shot that Rossi contained very well below.

Surely, Russo left La Fortaleza satisfied. Boca debuted winning on a difficult court and against a rival who always complicates it.

To analyze it will remain in which way the DT can add Cardona in the starting 11, without losing balance in the middle of the court. In addition, without Soldano, before Lanús the presence of a classic area 9 like Wanchope stood out, although it is clear that the presence of the former Huracán does not represent the same solidarity task for the team that Soldano performs in each presentation.

The good news for Boca is that he continues to win. And that now shares the tip of Zone 4, “the group of death”, along with Talleres, who on Friday defeated Newell’s 3 to 1.

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