Quique Setién: “Messi is difficult to manage … You see things you don’t expect”

Quique Setién: "Messi is difficult to manage ... You see things you don't expect"

BARCELONA – Quique Setién broke his silence two and a half months after his dismissal at Barcelona, ​​in a conversation with former Spanish coach Vicente del Bosque published in the newspaper El País in which he revealed that at the Barça club “I have not been I myself “, admitted that, probably” I should have made drastic decisions, but I thought about the club “and, above all, he referred to his relationship, which was not easy, with Lionel Messi. “It is difficult to manage. You see things that you do not expect,” he revealed.

“I believe that Messi is the best footballer of all time; there were other great players but the continuity that he has had over the years has not been had by anyone. If anything, Pelé”, agreed the Cantabrian coach, explaining that his day to day with the Argentine star was not easy. “There is another facet, which is not that of the player, and it is more complicated to manage, much more … Something inherent in many athletes, as seen in the Michael Jordan documentary. You see things you don’t expect.”

There are players “who are not easy to manage in many ways and among them Leo, it is true … We must also bear in mind that he is the best footballer of all time. And who am I to want to change him! (at Barça) they have accepted him as he is for years and they haven’t changed him … “, said the coach, who said he discovered a” very reserved “crack.

Messi, Setién discovered, “is very reserved, but he makes you see the things he wants. He doesn’t talk much; look, he does look … After I left, what I am clear about is that at certain times I had to make other decisions, but there is something that is above you: the club. And there are millions of people who think that Messi, or any other player, is more important than the club and the coach. He, like others, has lived 14 years winning titles, winning it everything”.

At one point in the conversation, Del Bosque reminded Setién of a phrase from Gerardo Martino to Messi that became famous (‘I know that if you call the president, he can throw me out at any time, but you don’t have to show me every day ‘). In this regard, the former Barça coach acknowledged that “I don’t need anyone to tell me because I have lived it personally. I have had enough experiences to make an assessment of what this boy is really like.”

“Surely in his own way he is generous; the problem is that the perspective from within sometimes misleads you. The reality that they (the players) live is not the reality that the rest of us live,” said the Cantabrian, confirming that for the players of the Barcelona, ​​as for many people around, “the only thing that matters is winning and the rest is not valid. Until you leave football and a few years do not pass, you do not see clearly the reality of life”.

During the talk, Setién also recognized that he was not himself at Barcelona, ​​he could not behave as he would have liked. “Of course not. I have not been myself because I have not been able or I have not known, that is the reality,” he admitted, remembering that “when you sign for a club of the size of Barça you already know that things will not be easy and the reality is that it could not be me, nor have I done what I had to do …

“It is true that I could have made drastic decisions, but they would not have fixed anything in a space as short as the one I have been and in which everything was concentrated after the confinement.”

In that sense, the coach valued that before confinement “the team was fine. We changed a lot of things and the break came two points ahead (of Real Madrid in the League). When we came back we started well in Mallorca, but the situation got better. It complicated and the trajectory of Madrid was extraordinary. In the end, the tension could us, “he said, stating, although without explaining in the background, that” there are situations that in another context and in other circumstances I should have been different. Time neither to think nor to work. If I made drastic decisions they could harm us. “

“You are tremendously damaged, you go down in the history of Barça with that defeat”, assumed Setién for the 2-8 conceded against Bayern in Lisbon. “I assume my percentage of guilt,” he acknowledged before insinuating that maybe “someday I’ll write about this … After laying down I found out that the decision had already been made before. I found out everything …”.

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