Racing Club vs. Atlético Tucumán – Game Report – November 1, 2020

Racing Club vs.  Atlético Tucumán - Game Report - November 1, 2020

( – Atlético Tucumán struck and achieved the first victory in its history as a visitor for Racing, by thrashing 4-1 in Avellaneda, in the debut of Group 1 of the Professional League Cup.

At 2 minutes, Racing had the first approach when Lisandro López pushed the ball into the net, but the play was invalidated by the captain’s offside.

And at 5 minutes came the first blow from the Dean: Matías Alustiza executed a precise free kick passed from right to left, Yonathan Cabral appeared without a mark to head, Gabriel Arias rebounded and Ramiro Carrera hit with a left-footed volley to open the scoring .

Sebastián Beccacece’s team sought to recover with a pair of shots from Lorenzo Melgarejo that were diverted, at 12 and 20.

Until at 22, Ricardo Zielinski’s men once again showed off their effectiveness: in a great collective play, Carrera finished off across the post, Leonardo Heredia could not with Arias and Ramiro Ruiz Rodríguez capitalized on the volley rebound for the 2-0 of the visit.

On the next play, Lisandro López had an unbeatable chance to discount, but Tomás Marchiori flew in spectacular fashion to get his header into the corner.

Within half an hour of play, the two teams suffered casualties due to injury: Cristian Erbes had to leave the field for Franco Mussis to enter, while Melgarejo quickly requested medical attention and was replaced by Leonel Miranda.

On the last occasions of the first half, Walter Montoya sent a low center on the right that crossed the entire area at 35 and a minute later, Licha López took a right inside the area, which the goalkeeper took to the corner.

At halftime, Beccacece made three new modifications to La Academia: Mauricio Martínez for Marcelo Díaz, Benjamín Garre for Walter Montoya and Leandro Godoy for Héctor Fértoli.

Before the minute, Godoy received the ball from the right and his weak center was intercepted by Marchiori. While at 48, Atlético Tucumán launched a new counter on the left, Augusto Lotti sent the center back and Carrera could not take advantage of it.

Quickly, Lisandro López once again had a chance: he dived and eluded the goalkeeper, but he ran out of angle to hit the goal.

At 65 came the third: Melano led the attack on the left and dragged marks, the ball was left to Carrera, whose shot did not reach its destination and the one who took advantage of the rebound was the recently entered Guillermo Acosta.

The discount was a work of art: from outside the area, Mauricio Martínez also entered it aimed and put a phenomenal right to place that made Marchiori’s stretch useless, at 73 minutes.

However, there was not much time to dream of the comeback because at 79, Ramiro Ruiz Rodríguez reached the bottom from the right and threw the center back so that Kevin Isa Luna stamped the 4-1.

At 89, Ruiz Rodríguez hit a barbarian run to the right and took a cross shot that Arias touched, before he touched the post.

Already in injury time, the post denied Lisandro López the goal after a right cross and Marchiori drowned out Miranda’s scream on the rebound.

For the second date of Group 1 of the Professional League Cup, Atlético Tucumán visits Arsenal next Sunday at 11 am, while Racing visits Unión the same day at 18:45.

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