Shatteringly, Naoya Inoue knocked out Jason Moloney in the sixth round.

De forma demoledora, Naoya Inoue noqueó a Jason Moloney en el sexto round

Naoya inoue knocked out Jason moloney in the seventh round Saturday night in Las Vegas to retain his IBF and WBA bantamweight world championships. Thus, the Japanese also defends his position among the best Libra for Libra fighters in the world.

Y The monster he did it true to form, with a destructive punch and an intimidating effect that continues to fascinate the viewing public. As in that small, thin body there can be that force d attached, it is captivating.

The australian Moloney it was brave. From the beginning he tried to gain the respect of the Japanese on the ring, throwing punches, going to the front, trying not to show signs of weakness towards Inoue.

The serene Japanese gradually grew in combat, and as soon as he began to loosen his hands the effect was evident. The face of Moloney it started to ignite immediately, and in exchanges, it always seemed to come off more shaken.

Inoue works on the basis of hand speed. If they both hit at the same time, Inoue will go in first and go in harder. That was how he sent Moloney to the canvas for the first time.

In the sixth round, Moloney wanted to throw a jab on repeat, and Inoue He received him with a violent left hook that went dry to the Australian’s chin. Moloney He got up, although he did it hurt, in body and soul.

Moloney He had already been touched by Inoue’s power, and it seemed a matter of time before the final blow came. And it came.

When the seventh round was over, again Moloney wanted to throw the jab. Naoya Inoue had it telegraphed, and as soon as Moloney removing the left glove from his face, Inoue threw a brutal right straight. Fast and powerful.

Moloney he went to the mat in ugly shape, his legs bent. And seriously shaken. Lost on the canvas. He was trying to compose himself, he saw the ropes, he saw the referee, he saw the ground. And he didn’t understand what had just happened. He tried to stand up, and again lost his balance. At that moment, the referee stopped the fight.

Inoue He did it again. The monster He reached his 17th knockout of 20 wins and has yet to know defeat. He continues to spread terror in the small divisions, and confirming his place as one of the most fascinating fighters of the moment.

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