The gesture of the year! Uriah Hall apologized to Anderson Silva and burst into tears: “I love you”

The gesture of the year!  Uriah Hall apologized to Anderson Silva and burst into tears: "I love you"

In the stellar of UFC Vegas 12 a historical event was experienced, where Anderson Silva had his last official fight in a cage. The Brazilian could not show the best of himself, which always distinguished him above the rest, having in front of one of the best of today. He was knocked out in a big way by Uriah Hall in the fourth round, who automatically burst into tears and apologized for a few minutes to the former champion. “I love you” was what was heard at various times.

After a fight that started very distant and with few blows, it was in the fourth round when Uriah Hall surprised Anderson Silva and landed a deadly right punch at him. This could not be dodged and, much less, resisted by the South American. The former champion of the Semi-Complete Weights fell to the canvas and there came the rain of fists, which left him all bloody. The referee of the event had nothing to wait to stop the fight, which ended up giving a gigantic victory for the Jamaican, in the retirement of his idol.

The words of both

“Fight is fight, when you enter you have a chance to win or lose. Today, Uriah it was the best. Sometimes it is difficult for us to stop, but today is the final day. About retirement, first I will go home, then we will see. It’s hard to say if this was my last fight in my career, but, as I said before, it’s likely. I have been through many things and I am grateful for everything I have experienced. It’s been many years now and sometimes you have to rest and leave the youngest behind, ”the legendary fighter began.

“For sure, that’s my last fight. I love sports. I have prepared my mind for that. I prepared to fight my whole life, but, yeah, this is my last fight in the UFC. I know that many want to see me for a while longer. The truth is that there are many good young people and they also have to have their space ”, was what he communicated Anderson Silva in the previous one, which greatly increased the expectation and anxiety for the event.

“I cannot describe it, they are many emotions together. You will have seen it moments ago, I could not contain myself because of what just happened. It is a legend. He was my idol throughout my career. It is incredible that this has happened. My hat is off to a world sports legend. I grew up watching him, and beating him is an honor. I feel very sad about how everything ended, but one goes out to win in every fight, “was what he communicated Uriah Hall, after the fight.

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