Deontay Wilder insists that Tyson Fury cheated; “I will spit on his grave”


Deontay Wilder he threw himself on Tyson fury and he insisted that the Englishman cheated during their two contests, and promised that he would spit on his grave.

Wilder He spoke for the second time on the subject since he decided to remain silent and stay away from the media. On Saturday afternoon, Wilder had launched a series of tweets and a video aimed at Tyson Fury where he accused him of cheating, and invited him to be a man and fulfill the third fight between them.

Now, in this new media offensive of Wilder, there were threats and accusations to Fury, in his interview with Barbershop Conversations.

“Inside I have words that, perhaps, are not even comfortable for other people’s ears to hear,” the American launched. “The reason I draw my sword is to live or die for it. It’s on the hit list to hit, it’s what I want. They know they can’t beat me fairly. Fury He can’t, he knew it from the first time ”.

“For the second, they did what they had to, and they still couldn’t bring down this black man,” he said. Wilder to Fury during your participation. “You didn’t knock me out, my coach saved you because he was part of that shit. The referee saved you, because he was part of that shit. The people around you saved you, because it was part of that shit. “

Wilder wants the third with Fury

Although he has already exhausted the legal channels, Deontay Wilder wants to fulfill the trilogy with Tyson fury, at any cost.

“I want her very much,” he said. Wilder about the third fight with Fury. “When I get it, because I’ll get it, you better make funeral arrangements. I will spit on their grave, I will spit on each one of them ”.

“Coward, stop dodging the fight. Coward, don’t run away from this fight ”, I challenge Wilder to Gypsy king. “My presence, my preaching, my anointing from God, everything continues. You can’t stop it.

All against Wilder

It seems that not only Tyson fury fought with Deontay Wilder. The former heavyweight champion theorized that many plotted against him.

“They all cheated on me, they all screwed it up. Everyone involved was wrong, “he postulated Wilder. “You were wrong (to Fury), you will see”.

“It may not arrive today, it may not arrive tomorrow, it may not even arrive in a week or a year, but it is going to arrive. Believe me, “the American asked the British. “And when it happens, I want you to remember the words that came out of my mouth.”

“I want your soul to burn in hell. I’m going to spit on your tombstone and wipe my feet with it ”, he closed Wilder for with Fury.

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