Gervonta Davis dispels suspicions about why he changed gloves minutes before entering the ring

Gervonta Davis disipa sospechas sobre por qué cambió guantes minutos antes de subir al ring

Following the devastating knockout of Gervonta davis on Leo Santa Cruz Saturday night, conspiracy theories surfaced wondering why Davis he changed his gloves at the last minute minutes before going into the ring.

And it is that in the transmission of Showtime, minutes before going into the ring, he is seen Gervonta davis warming up with a pair of brand gloves Grant. On the thumbs you see the same green, white and red colors of the outfit that Davis I had prepared to go up to the fight with Santa Cruz.

However, when getting into the ring, Gervonta davis He did it with another pair of gloves. They were a pair of the Japanese brand Winning without any visible mark. They were strangely white in their entirety, and with only the duct tape in blue.

It was the account of Instagram, Lalosboxingg, who pointed out the fact.

“The Commission approved the gloves Grant with those who Tank it was warming up but then Tank comes out with gloves Winning minutes before the fight, which was also approved by the Commission? The Texas Commission has always been suspicious in boxing. I need an explanation as to why he changed gloves minutes before the fight. Let’s not forget that Tank has used gloves Grant in most of your fights, why make the switch to gloves Winning minutes before the fight? ”, he posted Lalosboxingg.

At noon on Monday Gervonta davis He addressed the controversy, and dedicated two tweets to explain the situation.

“I changed my gloves because the first pair was uncomfortable. I don’t have to cheat to win, “he explained. Davis in a first tweet.

Leo signed both pairs of gloves, ask him ”, he said Gervonta davis in a second tweet.

The YouTuber, Elie seckbach, documented the moment when both fighters tried on their pairs of gloves. And it is also seen that the representative of the Texas Commission signs and approves the two pairs of gloves from Gervonta davis, both the Grant Like the Winning.

So for some reason Gervonta davis He decided to change gloves minutes before stepping into the ring, but both pairs of gloves were approved by the Texas Commission.

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