Get scared! Israel Adesanya’s words that rang out loud in the UFC

Get scared!  Israel Adesanya's words that rang out loud in the UFC

Dana White announced hours ago that Israel Adesanya He will collide with Jan Blachowicz for the Light Heavyweight title. From there, the undefeated champion left several interesting phrases, jumping to the Pole and going well beyond his next fight. As is publicly known, this and Jon jones they have a huge desire to meet in the octagon. Therefore, its main objective is to attract your attention to liquidate it later.

“Robert was right to suffocate Jared and broke his arm, and he was looking forward to that fight. So, I was like, okay. And then it’s like the ultimate dead end of the universe. I say, yes, it’s perfect. And this is the question, you have to be flexible in this game. In life, you have to be flexible, because nothing is certain, nothing is given, “began the fighter who has a 20-0 in his favor.

In addition to the above, Israel He also commented: “The landscape of things changes all the time. And yes, this is there for the taking. So, I thought, this is perfect. This is perfect for the Jones fight that I keep talking about, it’s perfect before that. With Jan, he’s a good fighter, he’s solid on the ground, he’s uncomfortable on the feet, he’s very dangerous and poses a lot of problems. And like, the Whittaker fight wouldn’t make me tough. This makes me hard. Like, this is like, okay, let’s go.

Will have no mercy

“He’s dangerous on the ground, he’s uncomfortable on his feet, he has that legendary Polish power. But yeah, everyone has power, right? I mean, it’s something I tried in my last fight. I told everyone. You have to deliver that power somehow, you have to bring it to the goal. I am not the easiest target to hit, “said the Nigerian. There is no doubt that you want to face Jon jones, so in these hours he began to shoot hard again.

Concluding, Israel Adesanya He threatened the American again: “It’s a big fuck for him, just to be like, I did something you couldn’t. I mean, he cleared up the light heavyweight division twice and then started fighting the recycled middleweight guys. So don’t talk to me about ‘gaining weight and struggling’ when you can’t even do the same after 10+ years with the company. So, I’m about to do it. It’s a good fight for me to do it.

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