Guilty of defeat? Cam Newton and the unusual fumble that could change the Patriots game

Guilty of defeat?  Cam Newton and the unusual fumble that could change the Patriots game

New England Patriots is going through a catastrophic moment. The Foxborough franchise has its worst start to the season in at least a couple of decades, and the big one is the new quarterback, Cam Newton. The quarterback has taken on the tough challenge of taking over from Tom Brady, and he doesn’t seem to be living up to expectations. The team strategist was able to change the story in the last loss with Buffalo Bills, but left an unusual fumble.

Cam Newton and a fumble that cost the game

The last set was running in the match between Patriots Y Bills at Ralph Wilson Stadium, and those led by Bill Belichick trailed 21-24 with 31 seconds left in the offensive phase. It was then that Cam Newton he attempted a run, rushing to the 15-yard line, to put New England at least one kick out of tying.

However, the play did not end as expected. The defense not only stopped Newton before the 10-yard line, but instead forced a fumble that completely wiped out the chances of the Patriots. The quarterback’s error has been pointed out by fans, who blamed the loss on the fumble of the new quarterback.

“It is unacceptable. I have to protect the ball. I’m still juggling the success of this team because of my poor performance protecting the ball. The coach trusts me with the ball in my hands, and I don’t want it to be otherwise. I just have to do a better job protecting the ball »were the words of Cam Newton after the defeat.

Change in the roster?

Despite the terrible moment that the Patriots, everything indicates that Cam Newton it will be the quarteback for this campaign. He’s our quarterback. It has been so all year “would have been the words of the head coach, Bill Belichick after the fall to Buffalo Billsas stated by USA Today Sports’ Henry McKenna from the stadium in Texas.

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