International friendly: Uruguay failed against Spain, which featured the debut of Bautista Güemes

The meeting began with inaccuracies on the part of both teams. The Lions, who had the Argentine Bautista Güemes Since the start, they had been inactive for more than eight months and without official meetings due to the pandemic caused by the coronavirus.

At minute 10, Los Teros they had their first opportunity to turn indiscipline into points and did not forgive. Federico Favaro hit the first penalty of the match. A few minutes later, the Uruguayan team increased the advantage with a great try from their second center, Nicolas Freitas, who broke the Spanish defensive line with great speed and supported without problems, to put his team 10-0 on the scoreboard.

The Spanish response was immediate. In the first half, Los Leones took the ball after a poorly executed Uruguay line and Fred Quercy got the try after a series of pick an go. A few minutes later, with the formula of line and maul, Vicente del Hoyo supported the ingoal. Already at the close of the first forty minutes, the Argentine -and debutant- in the Spanish team, sealed the 15-10 part.

In the second half, the Uruguayan team took the initiative and, after several attempts to break, the Uruguayan captain, Andrés Vilaseca, broke the defense so that his team could go forward 17-15. On the next play, however, The Lions forced a 50-meter penalty, which Bautista Güemes transformed into 3 points with a tremendous bombshell.

With the duel 20-18 in favor of the locals, and almost in a flurry, Spain took the game. First, through much patience in grouped play, his eighth Afa Tauli found the ways to the ingoal. On the buzzer and returning the Uruguayan exit, the figure of DAndrea Rabago appeared, who supported the flag, and with the subsequent conversion of Güemes, the final 32 to 20 was decreed.

Next Friday, at 7:00 p.m., it will be the rematch between the two and can be seen from the South America Rugby App.

Uruguay: 1- Matías Benítez, 2- Facundo Gattas, 3- Diego Arbelo, 4- Felipe Aliega, 5- Juanjuan Garese, 6- Manuel Ardao, 7- Santiago Civetta, 8- Manuel Diana, 9- Guillermo Lijtenstein, 10- Felipe Etcheverry, 11- Rodrigo Silva, 12- Andrés Vilaseca (c), 13- Nicolás Freitas, 14- Federico Favaro, 15- Gastón Mieres.

Spain: 1- José Díaz, 2- Vicente Del Hoyo, 3- Andrés Alvarado, 4- Manuel Mora, 5- Victor Sánchez, 6- Matthew Foulds, 7- Fred Quercy, 8- Afaese Tauli, 9- Kerman Aurrekoetxea, 10- David Melé , 11- Julen Goia (c), 12- Bautista Guemes, 13- Andrea Rábago, 14- Ignacio Contardi, 15- Richard Stewart.


PT: 11 ‘Penalty Favaro (Uru); 15 ‘Try Freitas, conv Favaro (Uru); 18 ‘Try Quercy (Esp); 24 ‘Try del Hoyo conv Melé (Esp); 40 ‘Penalty Güemes (Esp)
ST: 48 ‘Amarilla Melé (Esp), 69’ Try Vilaseca with Favaro (Uru); 72 ‘Penalty Güemes (Esp); 75 ‘Penalty Favaro (Uru); 78 ‘Try Tauli with Melé (Esp), 80’ Try Rábago with Güemes (Esp)

Source: Spain Rugby.