Respect: What Gervonta Davis won on his perfect night against Leo Santa Cruz

Respeto: Lo que Gervonta Davis ganó en su noche perfecta contra Leo Santa Cruz

The overwhelming victory of Gervonta davis on Leo Santa Cruz by way of the knockout, he will mark a watershed in the career of the American who, the main thing that he won on Saturday night, was respect.

From inflated to warrior

Social media in boxing media is relentless. There are seldom shades or grays in a panorama in which you are inflated or you are a warrior.

From that perspective, before Saturday, Gervonta davis it was an inflate that had not fought with anyone. What was it Floyd mayweather who opened to Gervonta all the doors to access privileges that he had not earned with his fists.

Leo Santa Cruz it was the opposite. Although certain questions were perceived to his record, it was also perceived that the general opinion endorsed him as a true Mexican warrior due to the level of dedication and intensity in his fights.

A triumph over Leo Santa Cruz I would endorse Gervonta davis part of that credit as a warrior. But shapes mattered. It all depended on how he fought Gervonta against Leo Santa Cruz.

The endorsement for Gervonta against Santa Cruz

Y Gervonta davis He did not go out on Saturday to avoid the Mexican warrior, he went out to fight. To stand in the war and fight with honor.

The fight was electrifying while it lasted, with both fighters trying to cleanly show who was the best. Gervonta he had his moments, and Leo had his too. But both were irreducible.

With a flash of intelligence and fight reading, Gervonta davis he finished the fight in the sixth round. He had been looking to nail the upper over Santa Cruz with medium success in the previous rounds. But when reading the trend of Santa Cruz to shoot three straight rights in a row, Gervonta He waited for him and hit him with a perfect, devastating uppercut that disconnected Leo Santa Cruz.

The one of Gervonta davis it was such a perfect shot that he left no room for doubt, not even among those who used to be his detractors.

The turning of the tide

And the next morning, the inflated woke up as a warrior on social networks. The perception was that Gervonta davis had won well, that he went out to stand in the fight against Leo, who did not shy away.

For that new endorsement you received Gervonta davisIt also helped that far from the arrogant and vociferous personality of before, Davis he was a gentleman in triumph. His celebration was discreet, and as soon as he perceived that Santa Cruz was still unconscious, stopped partying and tried to get closer to see how he was still Leo.

After the fight, he presented his recognition to Leo at the press conference. And he also gave him a tweet thanking him for the opportunity to fight, and wishing him the best. A gesture that went down very well with the fans.

Gervonta davis did everything right Saturday night. On the ring, he beat a warrior like Leo Santa Cruz. And under the ring, his good attitude won the same.

That perfect night Gervonta davis made many skeptics and haters believers. That perfect night Gervonta davis he gained respect, which is something that only great victories give.

Does this win reach Gervonta to be Libra for Libra?

Much has been debated whether that triumph should catch up with Gervonta davis to enter the Pound for Pound listings. And there is no single answer to that question.

TO Teofimo Lopez he got his victory to enter because Lomachenko was a Top 3 Pound for Pound, and the pass seemed almost automatic. But Tyson fury, for example, did not achieve his overwhelming victory over Deontay Wilder last February to enter the Pound for Pound list of The Ring.

In the case of Gervonta davis, Leo Santa Cruz it wasn’t a pound for pound. So it doesn’t seem anywhere near an automatic entry to the listings.

But Libra for Libra listings are not an exact science. It is listed, for example, Artur Beterbiev, with few fights and a single resounding triumph. And is not Fury that ended the long reigns of Wladimir Klitschko Y Deontay Wilder. Is Terence crawford, who has not fought a major welterweight in more than a year.

So, of the Libra by Libra listings, nothing should surprise us anymore. Maybe to Gervonta davis enough to get him into the bottom of the Top 10, and that would be the first major achievement of his career.

For now, Gervonta davis made a quantum leap in his career, by how he won and who he beat.

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