Very hard! Dana White is a trend for her words to Anderson Silva: “I will never let him return.”

Very hard!  Dana White is a trend for her words to Anderson Silva: "I will never let him return."

UFC Vegas 12 left the image of Anderson Silva and his last official fight, so Dana White, the President, was self-critical. The legendary Brazilian posted a message on social media for all his fans, after he failed to show his best at the Apex. He was knocked out by Uriah Hall in the fourth round of the fight, so the American businessman gave something to talk about with his words about it.

“Look at Anderson. When the fight was over, he couldn’t bear to do his interview. He had to sit down to do his interview. I made a huge mistake. I should not have let him fight this fight tonight, but out of respect for him, he is a legend of this sport and a legend of this company, I did something with which I did not agree, “began the President of Ultimate Fighting Championship.

“I knew he was right and tonight he proved he was right. Anderson Silva I should never fight again, “added the president of the company. For his part, the Brazilian had said: «It is difficult to say that it is the last or not because this is my time. This is what I do my whole life. Most of my years have been spent in here. It is really very difficult to understand and accept it. Few would understand it.

He just wants to prevent something worse

At the same time, Dana He also highlighted: “I’m not trying to stop you from doing anything. He is a grown man and can do whatever he wants. He has one fight left with us. I will never let him fight here again. I want him to retire and what is my hope, when he goes home his family will tell him the same. I’m in a very difficult position right now because this is a guy that I care about. This is a guy who’s been with the company for a long time. “

He’s a legend of this company and I don’t want to sit here and just shit on him. But he’s almost 46 years old and unless you’re trying to save your damn life or defend your family, no 46-year-old man should be fighting. Period. I like and respect the boy. I just hope that his family convinces him », he closed Dana White, who assures that he will never let him return to the most important octagon in the world.

Message from Dana White to Anderson Silva.

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