70 years ago, Argentina won its only basketball World Cup: the final against the United States, a full Luna Park and the relationship with Peronism

Hace 70 años, Argentina ganó su único Mundial de básquet

In 1950, Argentina organized the first Basketball World Cup. The Selection arrived undefeated in the final Y beat him in that instance to the United States by 64-50 at Luna Park. Jorge Canavesi was the champion coach, who had led the Argentine team at the 1948 London Olympics. There he finished 15th, after losing to the United States by two points.

The team had had support from both the Argentine Basketball Confederation and the national State and the captain of the first generation that achieved that title, Primitivo González, was manifested in a talk with the CABB about that event. “The keys to success were training, concentration and physical preparation, “he said.

The Conderación made a preselection of up to 50 players, in which the provinces were asked to send those who thought they could wear the national jersey. The opening match was victory against France for the preliminary round, which classified Argentina towards the final instance, a group with five rivals. The first was Brazil, but those commanded by Canavesi won. Then they beat Chile, France again and Egypt. Remained The United States and as they had been doing, achieved victory.

With respect to final match, González added. “The World Cup was being played with a segment ball, which was the one we used here. They wanted to use the American ball, which of course was much cuter. It was decided to play a time with the American ball and another with which it had been used throughout the tournament“.

However, beyond sports, there was also a lot of talk about politics. After not playing the 1956 Olympic Games due to the intervention of the CADCOA, the central entity of Argentine sports during Peronism, by the military government, in 1957, disabled 36 basketball players for eleven years. The motives? The work licenses granted by Juan Domingo Perón so that they can dedicate themselves exclusively to sports and the car import orders that the former president had given them as a prize.

That’s right, all over the world there was elasticity and players were recognized for something, but here they were suspended for life just for receiving an order to import a car. At FIBA ​​they laughed “, the former coach recalled.

Despite the medals that were achieved in the Olympic Games of Athens 2004 and Beijing 2008, the national team was very close, last year in China, to regain the title that was obtained 70 years ago.

How was the preparation at River Stadium

The Millionaire team loaned the facilities used by soccer players. The selected basketball player trained double shift every day.

Photo and videos: @DeportesAR @cabboficial

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