A review of the hospitalizations Maradona had for his health problems

A review of the hospitalizations Maradona had for his health problems

Diego Maradona, Gymnastics and Fencing coach of La Plata, is operated on at the Olivos clinic for a subdural hematoma that was detected in La Plata and thus joins a list of hospitalizations that the Argentine star has had since he retired from professional activity. We will review each of those critical moments that the world champion had to go through.

In 2000, two years after his retirement, he was on vacation in Uruguay and suffered a heart attack in January, derived from a cocaine overdose. Maradona was admitted to a rehabilitation clinic for several months in Cuba, after doctors detected severe heart disease.

Diego relapsed from his addiction in 2004 and suffered a severe cardiorespiratory crisis. In the first instance, he was hospitalized for just under two weeks in the Swiss Argentina with a forecast reserved for later returning to Cuba for a new prolonged hospitalization.

In 2005 underwent a gastric bypass in ColombiaHe weighed more than 120 kg, and was able to reduce his weight to less than 90 kg. From June of that year he served as vice president of the Boca Soccer Council until August 2006 and was the promoter of Alfio Basile as coach of Xeneize.

March 2007 He was admitted to the Güemes Sanatorium due to excesses with alcoholic beverages, where he was diagnosed with chemical, acute and toxic hepatitis, for which he was under medical attention until the beginning of April. But two days after being discharged, he had a relapse and had to be transferred by ambulance to the Mother Teresa Hospital in Calcutta, to later be referred to the Sanatorio de los Arcos in Capital Federal. This concluded with a new hospitalization to treat his addiction to alcohol.

In May 2008, one year after being discharged from the Avril Clinic, He was introduced as coach of the Argentine National Team. Cycle that culminated in the elimination of the Albiceleste in the quarterfinals of the 2010 World Cup in South Africa at the hands of Germany.

Another moment of uncertainty around Maradona was experienced during the 2014 World Cup in Brazil, when suffered a pressure drop after the match in which Argentina defeated Nigeria 2-1. And he said he had never felt better.

A couple of days before his continuity in Al-Fujairah in the United Arab Emirates was confirmed, Diego gave an interview to the Mediaset group from Italy and said: “I have not used drugs for 13 years.”

After passing through the Asian country Diego took command of Dorados de Sinaloa in Mexico in September 2018, but Matías Morla, Diez’s lawyer, confirmed on June 13, 2019 that Maradona was leaving the club: “Diego Maradona decided not to continue in the technical direction of Dorados. On medical advice, he will dedicate time to his health and will undergo two operations: shoulder and knee. Thankful to all the Dorados family and we will continue the dream together later. “

During 2019, it was known that Maradona suffered from severe osteoarthritis in both knees, which prevented him from walking well and caused him a lot of pain and inflammation, as could be observed during his time in Mexico. In July of that year, he underwent surgery on the right, where a knee replacement was performed. Excited after the surgery, he said: “Today I walked again like when I was 15 years old.” Later that year, in November when he was already a gymnastics coach, he again entered the operating room for shoulder surgery.

In 2020 he was isolated twice in a preventive way before the possibility of testing positive for Covid-19, but the bad drink passed without surprises. The last thing that happened to Diego Maradona was hospitalization in a clinic in La Plata at the request of the Argentine star because he was not feeling well.

The tomography they performed showed that Diego had a blood clot in his head and had to be operated on urgently. Leopoldo Luque, his personal physician and neurologist, will perform the surgery after he is transferred to the Olivos clinic.

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