Boca ruled on the Villa case and will create a prevention protocol

Boca ruled on the Villa case and will create a prevention protocol

Through a statement, Boca Juniors reiterated its commitment to the judicial authorities for the situation of Sebastián Villa, while announced that it will establish a prevention protocol Y action in situations of discrimination and gender violence.

In the institutional text, the Argentine soccer champion points out that “he cannot look the other way when it comes to issues that affect us as a society”, so that it will reinforce the mechanisms to avoid the recurrence of circumstances of that type.

Further, He delivered news about the Colombian winger, who trains with the first division squad.

The Boca Juniors statement

. From Boca Juniors We are conscious that the Club’s identity transcends sports and that their activities and actions have an important social impact. Mouth cannot look the other way when These are issues that affect us as a society.

. We believe that conflict resolution must be addressed through institutional channels. This Club and its leaders are at the disposal of the Justice and will accompany the process collaborating with any instance that is necessary.

. With respect to Sebastián Villa, we will focus our efforts on the person, who fulfills their employment contract with great professionalism, respecting the training and being at the disposal of the technician, under certain guidelines and proposed care, such as the work of an interdisciplinary team that has already caused improvements in Sebastián and that will continue to accompany him throughout this process.

. This situation impacted us and made us institutionally rethink the The need to carry out prevention actions and to adopt absolutely necessary measures associated with respect, tolerance, and eradication of any type of violence.

. We have a commitment to plurality, diversity and non-violence in all its forms. In consecuense, We started an institutional process that goes from the creation of the Department of Inclusion and Equality, the realization of a Protocol of Prevention and Action in cases of Discrimination, Harassment and Violence for reasons of Gender and / or Sexual Orientation, the training of managers, staff and athletes of all disciplines and categories in accordance with the provisions of the Micaela Law.

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