Checked! Uriah Hall’s photo showing Anderson Silva’s idolatry from years ago

Checked!  Uriah Hall's photo showing Anderson Silva's idolatry from years ago

Uriah Hall, renowned Jamaican martial artist, knocked out Anderson Silva in his retirement, getting excited for his idol. After finishing his career, he apologized and cried for ending his time in the UFC in that way. Hours ago, when he was interviewed by the press, the aforementioned released an image of what happened between the two years ago, making it clear that he really is passionate about what the Brazilian knew how to give in MMA.

“Not every day you can meet and hang out with your idol,” is what a photo he posted on Instagram in 2015 says. Now, after what happened on Saturday at UFC Vegas 12, he shared a series of photos , where it was precisely the one that went viral. There, they both leave embraced, in an event in which they coincided. In this way, the emotion to tears of Uriah in the Apex is understood.

His words

In addition, in these hours he also said the following: «I will never get that moment back. Those 12 minutes, whatever, I’ll never get that back. So he was talking more about it and I guess as you get older in the sport, you focus more on that. It’s like, what’s more important now? Family, friends, loved one. So I understand where it comes from. But at the same time it was still dangerous.

“He was just telling me, ‘You can be a world champion.’ And ‘thank you’, he was thanking me, I said, ‘What are you talking about bro?’ I was just saying train your mind and be a better version of yourself and I admire that. No one can take that away from me. I gave him so much influence to say that it was like my championship fight because I admired it for a long time and to share that moment in the Octagon, which I suppose is potentially the last one, it was very good, “explained the Jamaican.

To close, Uriah Hall He recounted: “It was just all the emotions that came in and I said, ‘Dude, don’t do it. Do not Cry. Don’t be a bitch. What are you doing? Hold on to that shit. It was all rushing. All year of training, literally training for a year, the pandemic, the ups and downs, the gym life, the fights that fall, the loss of motivation, the search for motivation, the weight loss, losing the mindset to go back to she. Everything went well at that time ”.

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