Disgusting! Lewis Hamilton and Daniel Ricciardo shared champagne… from their shoes

Lewis Hamilton

The tradition of Daniel Ricciardo on the podium is quite particular. Every time the Australian steps on the podium, he takes off his right shoe and fills it with champagne. Once it serves, it takes the content directly from the shoe. However, this Sunday he was not alone. Lewis hamilton He accompanied him and a particular disgusted face could be seen on the British man that generated laughter.

At the Eifel Grand Prix of Formula 1, Daniel Ricciardo got his first podium of the season. However, after getting off the festivities, the Australian recalled that he did not do this custom and was very disappointed by it. That is why, this Sunday he recalled in the previous one that he would not forget to celebrate accordingly. In Germany, Ricciardo shared a more intimate celebration of this celebration on social media.

This Sunday, Lewis Hamilton asked Ricciardo to take off his left shoe so he could celebrate with him. However, the British accepted that the taste of the Australian’s footwear was not the best. It definitely didn’t taste very good. I don’t like champagne as such, but it tastes even worse that way, ”said Hamilton with a laugh.

The mother will be happy

Although he did not like it, Hamilton was happy to celebrate with Ricciardo. “The positive is that Daniel’s mother thinks I am a good athlete, so I am grateful for that. I think you have remembered that I once said that I was never going to do it. So there is a lesson here: Never say never. But it was a good time, “said the championship leader.

A rare 2020

For his part, Daniel Ricciardo assured that Hamilton had refused to take his shoe on previous occasions. “I think three years ago on the podium he said he would never drink from my boot, and in 2020 strange things are happening. Champagne has been colder lately, I don’t know if it’s because we’re approaching winter and it’s colder outside, but it makes footwear a little more tolerable, ”explained Ricciardo.

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