Lied? Robert Whittaker shot Dana White hard and left him badly standing

Lied?  Robert Whittaker shot Dana White hard and left him badly standing

The extraordinary Australian fighter of the UFC, Robert Whittaker, is the center of attention in these hours for his sayings. He himself shot hard at Dana White, President of the most important entity of Mixed Martial Arts, who communicated that he did not want revenge against Israel Adesanya. For this reason, the oceanic came to the crossing quickly and highlighted his version of the talk they had both a few days ago.

“I was like, ‘I’m going to have to sit with this kid (Adesanya) and convince him why he needs to fight with Whittaker‘. Robert He comes out and says he doesn’t want to fight him, the craziest (expletive) I’ve ever seen in my life. I thought that Whittaker deserved the opportunity and Whittaker does not want it, so yes, we will let Adesanya ascend ”, was what he communicated a few hours ago Dana White, the president of the leading MMA company.

Not happy

Regarding the above, Robert He quickly left the intersection to give his version: «I certainly think he gave a little twist to what I said. I never said I don’t want to fight Izzy. That’s not something I said. I did not say that. I am looking to fight in March, April next year. I’d like to fight Izzy. If Izzy goes up to fight Jan, then I’ll go up and fight him there if he wins. I want that fight. I want that fight. We just had to work it on that timeline. “

“I have no control over what the UFC is going to do or what Izzy is going to do, but whether I’m here at middleweight or light heavy, I will take the fight. They never approached me, not once. It wasn’t so much a twist of Izzy fighting Jan. I can see why they would want to do that, why Izzy would want to do that, why the UFC would want it. I can see that is happening. It’s more the twist or how he took my words. Either he misinterpreted it or he twisted it a bit, ”he said, somewhat angry about what happened.

On the other hand, Robert Whittaker He asserted: “That one took me for a little walk. But like I said, my timeline holds. That is the fight I have won. With the twist on the words a bit, it was confusing. It was a bit annoying, but it is what it is. I can’t change anything now. It’s not something you can be upset about, because it is what it is. I am more confused. That would be the biggest emotion I have at the moment, confused.

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