Nadal, intimate: “At 19 they told me I couldn’t play tennis anymore”

Nadal, intimate: "At 19 they told me I couldn't play tennis anymore"

Rafael Nadal took out his most intimate side to talk about his childhood and the moment he started playing tennis. The Spanish, in an interview with the Italian medium Corriere della Sera, left a shocking revelation about his early years in the sport.

In the first place, Rafa assured that his crisis in 2009 was related to the problems they had between their parents: “It’s true. That year they separated, even if it was only for a period. I have suffered a lot because of it; because without my family there would be no done nothing, “he said.

At the same time, the Spaniard revealed that at the age of 19 he was close to leaving tennis: “At 19, I had just won the first Roland Garros, they told me that I could no longer play, due to a malformation in my left foot. The pain was such that he was practicing to hit the ball sitting on a chair in the middle of the field. Then I recovered, thanks to a template that changed the position of my foot, but my knees were inflamed, “he said.

Further, Nadal added the way he got over the pain: “With a positive mindset. Transforming the fragility of the body into moral strength. Sooner or later things will fall into place. We must equip ourselves to resist. Because there is no other solution than to resist, “he said.

About a date for a possible retirement, the tennis player clarified: “I do not know. Tennis is a game of the mind, it is not mathematics. When the time comes I’ll know. Then I will dedicate myself to the children. Our Foundation helps children at risk of social exclusion: it provides them with food, education, sports. Then we have the project “More than tennis”, twenty schools in Spain for children with disabilities, “he said.

Finally, Rafa explained why he never throws his racket on the ground: “Because as a child they taught me that it is not done. I’m the one who’s wrong, not the racket“, he concluded.

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