Shocking! Trevin Giles admits his heart stopped after passing out in UFC

Shocking!  Trevin Giles admits his heart stopped after passing out in UFC

The renowned fighter of UFC, Trevin giles, fainted before entering the Apex in Las Vegas in August 2020. He had to collide with Kevin Holland, but that never happened because of this unforeseen event. “It was just me coming out of a daze with one of my cornerbacks wondering if I’m okay. I am lying on the ground. EMS arrived and everything. Everybody was looking at me. Apparently something strange was happening with my heart that they saw. I ended up being transported, ”his shocking tale began.

Further, Trevin He added: “Apparently from what he said, while I was talking to him, my heart stopped for a longer period of time than usual. He said it happens to some people. For whatever reason, mine lasted much longer than other people. They decided to leave me in the hospital overnight to watch over me. They also said it happened a couple of times while I was sleeping. They think that something could have happened in which my heart rate probably dropped and caused me to pass out.

Terrible moment

I’m sure this is an isolated incident. I haven’t had any problems with training or that’s the only time that has happened to me. It was definitely an extremely bad timing. No, I haven’t had any problems lately. I’ve never had these kinds of problems before. All my tests and everything went well. Apparently, it was something strange. As far as I know, that night could have turned out really bad, ”the fighter also said.

Of course, it wasn’t a great day for him, so Giles dictated: “I could have fucking died or something I knew about when I was in the hospital. I didn’t know what was wrong with me. Every time someone starts talking about your heart, they put your life in danger. It came to me that some people can make this sport bigger than life. If it comes down to that, and someone is preparing to get really hurt or someone’s life is on the line or something, there’s no way I’m going to start badmouthing them or trying to belittle the situation.

I would worry if that person was good. I don’t know Holland. He doesn’t even know me like that. It’s not like we have some kind of crazy meat. He really didn’t have an understanding behind it. I really didn’t get it. I’m glad it happened the way it did in that they were able to give me another fight. It feels a little good to be able to go back in and get some work done instead of having a long break after that, “he concluded. Trevin giles, who alarmed many in UFC.

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