Spence wants three big welterweight fights and then go up to get Canelo


Errol spence announced he wants three big welterweight fights, and then plans to move up the divisions to go find Saúl “Canelo” Álvarez.

“The only people I have on my target list, of course Danny (Garcia), whom I do not overlook at all, “said the American to Brian custer from The Last Stand Podcast. “Danny (Garcia), then I’ll look for Manny pacquiao, Terence crawford and then I’ll go up ”.

Errol Spence dreams of a fight with Canelo

And after that, Errol spence insists that he would gain weight, seeking to face the Canelo. And that, despite the fact that the Mexican is already at 168 pounds, while Spence It is at 147, that is, three divisions down.

“That (with the Canelo) It would be a great fight, I don’t know when it would happen. It’s up to the guys in suits and ties Al (Haymon) and all of them ”, explained the undefeated when they asked him about a duel with the Canelo Álvarez “I know that Jermall (Charlo) longed for this fight for a long time, and I know Jermell he wants this fight too. I would let my friend Jermall take that fight first before getting in your way to get that fight. But if he can’t make that fight (with him Canelo), and I do, I would definitely take that fight. “

A couple of weeks ago, Spence had already expressed an interest in gaining weight to fight him Canelo, possibly at 160 lbs. At that moment, Spence He said it takes him some effort to cut weight to hit 147, so he thinks he could go up to 160 in good shape.

Other possible rivals for Spence

No jaws, Keith thurman I affirm that Errol spence you must fight him, or leave the division.

“Fuck it Keith thurman“, He emphasized The Truth. “He’s just a guy I’ve never liked. There are a lot of boxers that I really don’t like. I feel like everything about him is false. I just don’t like it. “

As for the young Jaron ennis, the Long Island-born was full of praise and recognition for his colleague.

“Great, young and newcomer. The guy can fight. Very sharp, very precise, it seems that he can hit hard ”, described the New Yorker to Ennis. “He may have more tricks than me, because I don’t really have tricks. I only fight to the end. It comes, and it will be there next to Vergil ortiz“.

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