The reasons why Usyk is not here today to beat either Joshua or Fury

Las razones por las que Usyk no está hoy para ganarle ni a Joshua ni a Fury

Neither Tyson fury neither Anthony Joshua should be concerned with what Oleksandr Usyk demonstrated last Saturday against Dereck Chisora in London. It was a solid performance, but it doesn’t seem like enough for the Ukrainian to aspire to the elite of the category.

The rise of Oleksandr Usyk From cruises to heavy duty, it generated enormous expectations. First because Usyk he had swept the cruisers by winning all four world title belts. And second, for the current moment of resurgence that the heavyweight division is experiencing. The combination of both factors, the quality of Usyk and the heavy ecosystem, it was explosive.

Usyk he already had his first two fights in the top flight. And like, but not impressive. Your fight against Dereck Chisora promised to be a first real test for the Ukrainian, and Usyk he simply complied.

Is not that Usyk is bad, but their strengths do not exceed those of those already in the elite of the heavy. The Ukrainian has extraordinary footwork, and outstanding mobility for a heavyweight. He knows how to remove blows, he knows not to get cornered, he knows how to keep opponents at a distance with the jab.

But what it doesn’t have Usyk, is an additional power gear. In heavyweight, he hasn’t shown that extra explosiveness, so that once he tires his opponents with his mobility, he can power up his bursts of punches to finish off those fused opponents and finish them off.

Dereck Chisora He should not have reached the decision because he ended up blown. He was on the brink of physical collapse in a couple of rounds. And yet he was alive Usyk, because the Ukrainian could not be explosive when he tried to step on the accelerator.

It may simply be that Usyk his physical adaptation to heavy duty has not completed. To the weigh-in for the fight with Chisora He performed at the highest weight of his career, and even so, he looked small compared to the rival. Perhaps, his punch is not enough in the heavy to be explosive.

It can be a thousand things, but what is evident is that this explosiveness of hands does have it Anthony Joshua and he also has it Tyson fury. If we list the strengths and abilities of Usyk, we will notice that they are strengths that also have Joshua Y Fury.

If we talk about footwork, mobility, not letting the rival reach, taking off blows, side exits, it is enough to remember that all this was present in the boxing chair that he gave Joshua to Andy Ruiz in the rematch. Dynamics of an intensity equal to or even better than that of Usyk. And if we turn to see Tyson fury, the thing is more complicated to Usyk, because the Gypsy King he’s capable of boxing, jabbing and moving, taking off punches as well as anyone in the history of the category. If you have to go out to box, neither Joshua neither Fury have no problem.

In that line of mobility and boxing, then, Usyk does not have a great advantage over Fury Y Joshua.

But, on the other hand, if we talk about the deficiencies that it has shown Usyk, we will see that these deficiencies are not Joshua neither Fury. Anthony Joshua has already shown that he has explosiveness and hand power, and that he can stick with the stick and stick until he knocks out fighters of great physical depth such as Wladimir Klitschko.

Y Tyson fury the same, because he has already shown that in his boxing style, he can put that extra power to loosen his hands until he collapses the rival as he did in the rematch against Deontay Wilder.

That is, how much Joshua as Fury They can go out to box, or they can go out to attack, and in both facets they have ample chances of winning.

UsykIn contrast, he has shown that in heavyweight boxing is good for him, but that his hands do not have that power of surrender, or at least he has not been able to develop it until now.

What is it for Usyk the skills displayed against Chisora? It will be enough to dominate any stereotypical heavyweight. If it is heavy heavy, strong, hitting, but slow and static, Usyk He is going to take them to school like he took to Chisora.

But if you have to go against heavy ductiles with the ability to deploy various facets of boxing such as Joshua or Fury, Usyk It looks like it will fall short.

Saturday night, Anthony Joshua Y Tyson fury they slept like babies, after seeing Usyk against Chisora.

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