Viral! Video shows Jon Jones with a shotgun and chasing a thief

Viral!  Video shows Jon Jones with a shotgun and chasing a thief

The star and legend of UFC, Jon jones, published a video on Instagram, where he is seen armed chasing a subject. He himself left a message at the bottom of the post, so it was hinted that it was precisely a thief he wanted to reach. From what can be seen in the images, a person approached the cars of the residence of the historic fighter, which was obviously not a good idea.

Although the intentions of that subject were not proven, Jon did not hesitate and, before something worse happens, he decided to go out to defend his own. Therefore, Jones was not afraid and decided to go out in search of chasing this person away and “ended up tapping this guy’s driver’s side window with the muzzle of my shotgun.” Everything was recorded and is viral in these hours.

“The next time you try to rob someone, make sure you are quick enough to outrun them. You’re lucky that I’m smart enough not to shoot a man while he’s leaving. Folks, I know times are getting tough, but your life is not worth a few material possessions, ”was what the legendary Mixed Martial Arts fighter wrote.

Everything was recorded

For its part, Jon jones asked a question of his followers, who quickly responded. «What do you think of this video? What would you have done differently? ”Was what he asked. Interacting with his fans, many agreed with him, making it clear that they would not let anyone try to keep his personal property. The latter is exactly what the American tried to do.

Notably Jon jones He has the most title fight wins in the promotion (14), the most Light Heavyweight title fight wins (14) and the most successful defenders at Light Heavyweight (11 ). After several years in the most important entity of Mixed Martial Arts in the world, he is still giving something to talk about and in a gigantic physical condition.

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