Heartbreaking ending! Dani Alves’ great game was not enough to save Sao Paulo from elimination

Dani Alves

The South American Cup gave a definition not suitable for the heart between Sao Paulo and Lanús. With a Dani alves Inspired, the Brazilians were left with a great 4-3 game at El Morumbí. However, the difference in the away goal saved the Argentine team from elimination and reached the second round of the international tournament.

The former Barcelona would have closed one night to remember to finalize the classification. With one goal and two assists, the American champion with Brazil in 2019 led the team in a very close match that was defined in the final seconds. With this result, Sao Paulo closed a very poor year in terms of performance in Conmebol competitions, after being eliminated from the Copa Libertadores in the group stage.

The goal of the 10 and captain ‘tricolor’ arrived at 26 minutes of the first half. His goal served to momentarily tie the match 1-1. From a corner kick, Alves surprised the entire Lanús defense by entering the penalty spot with a strong header that goalkeeper Lautaro Morales could not stop.

When the moment became critical, Dani began to play better and better. This was how after 62 minutes of play he connected an excellent filtered pass that left Pablo hand in hand with the goalkeeper and scored the 2-2 partial. Then, when the match was 3-2 for the Brazilians, El 10 showed his quality with a center at the head of Gabriel Sara who converted the 4-2 that classified Sao Paulo. However, the locals failed to sustain the result and Lanús scored the goal that put them in the round of 16 after 93 minutes.

The difficult season for Brazilians

With the arrival of figures like Dani Alves and Juanfran, Sao Paulo hoped to fight in all the tournaments it played this year. However, the results were not good. In the Copa Libertadores, they were eliminated when they finished third with 7 points, below River Plate and Liga de Quito. The third place allowed him to be in 16th of the South American where he was eliminated today at the hands of the Argentine team. In addition, the results are not consistent in the local tournament, where they are in 5th place with 30 points.

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