In his accusations, Wilder lost the truth about what really happened between him and Joshua

En sus acusaciones, a Wilder se le salió la verdad de lo que realmente pasó entre él y Joshua

Anthony Joshua reacted to the comment you made Deontay Wilder that the American turned down more money to fight with AJ because I wanted to fight with Tyson fury. A revelation. Wilder that contradicts everything the American himself said at the time.

“He accepted it,” he said Joshua on Wilder in interview for Sky Sports. “We made him a lucrative offer but he wanted to fight with Fury. So is. If that’s what he wanted to do, that’s fine. But he put my name in the mud. “

Deontay Wilder’s revelation on negotiations with Anthony Joshua

In a string of tweets, in which Deontay Wilder made a series of remarks against Tyson fury, the name of Anthony Joshua.

“When you were going through your darkest stage, I told you to get well, because I would give you a shot at the world championship. And as a man of my word, I gave you the opportunity ”, he tweeted Wilder in messages addressed to Tyson fury. “When that fight was a draw, I told you I would give you a rematch. You know that they offered me more than they gave to fight with Joshua than what they paid me to fight you. Again, I was a man of my word, and I fought with you, just as I told you I would “

The fact of Wilder say you turned down more money to fight AJ, and that he preferred to face Fury contradicts everything the American pointed out in 2018 and early 2019. And it is that, before Wilder will face Fury, the most anticipated fight in the heavy was that of AJ against Wilder.

And in that moment, Wilder said that those who were refusing to fight were Joshua and its promoter Matchroom.

Now, Deontay Wilder seems to have revealed the truth. They were not Joshua and his promoter those who rejected the fight: it was himself Wilder.

Joshua’s promoter reaction to Wilder’s sayings

Eddie hearn, promoter of Anthony Joshua, reacted to the revelation he made Wilder in his accusations to Tyson Fury. He retweeted the post he made Wilder that you rejected more money from Joshua.

“I thought AJ I had shunned you, ”he said Eddie hearn ironically.

Anthony Joshua ensures that the truth always comes to light

“Makes sense,” he said Joshua. “When time passes, naturally the truth is always revealed. They criticize me a lot but I always take it with some salt ”.

At the time, Wilder accused AJ that he was doing the sport of boxing a disservice by shunning the fight everyone wanted to see.

“When Wilder He tried to make me look like a bad person, that I didn’t want to improve the sport or fight with certain fighters, I just had to absorb the blows, “he says. Joshua. “But now he’s out, and he’s said so himself. We offered him a very good contract, but he wanted to fight with Fury. People can take it however they want, but that is the truth today ”.

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