The best is coming! Israel Adesanya and his gigantic wishes for 2021

The best is coming!  Israel Adesanya and his gigantic wishes for 2021

Israel Adesanya he already has a rival for him 2021But, in addition to being against one champion, he wants to take the title from another. The Nigerian will collide with Jan Blachowicz for the Light Heavyweight title, but then he wants to cross paths with Jon Jones. The undefeated champion left several interesting phrases in these hours, jumping to the Polish and going to the former champion directly. In this way, he analyzes cutting a rivalry that has grown in recent years.

All I know is damn 2021, the light heavyweight is mine. I’ll take the belt just to be a double champion like some of the other fighters have. Conor McGregor, DC (Daniel Cormier), I like the look of two gold belts on my shoulder. I already did it with my interim belt and my unified undisputed belt when I was the double interim champion, ”was what the extraordinary fighter began by saying.

At the same time, Israel He also communicated the following about it: “But just to flex with that 205 belt too, and I don’t even have to do much to do it. I stay in the same frame that I am. I don’t have to build muscle like these guys are doing, like Jon Jones is doing. They are making serious mistakes. He’ll bite their ass again when it’s time.

No, middleweight is mine. Middleweight is my perfect weight class. So when I do 205, I’ll only stop that split once in a while, that’s it. I’ll defend my belt when it’s time. That’s it for the future. I take care of things as they come. I plan for the future, but at the same time, there are a lot of variables in this game. You treat things as they come, “he added to his words, giving a bit of calm to the game.

Taunts Jon Jones

“I realize that I am about to do something literally in three years, what has Jones not even done in how long with the company? More than 10 years. I’m about to do it in three years and gain weight. Are you doing it now after how long? And we are still waiting to see if it really will. And it’s crazy how everything is arranged, man, “he also explained Israel Adesanya.

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