The best moments of the unforgettable Lanús qualification against San Pablo

The best moments of the unforgettable Lanús qualification against San Pablo

Lanús and San Pablo starred in one of the most exciting matches of the year, which ended with an agonizing qualification for Garnet in the CONMEBOL Sudamericana.

El Halcón suffered but achieved the pass in CONMEBOL Sudamericana against Sportivo Luqueño and Hernán Crespo analyzed it in a press conference.

“We deserved to win the game. We lacked precision, but they didn’t kick at goal, the goal came unfortunately, ”said the DT.

“The game was going to be very complicated from the moment they were going to try to play based on the second ball and we were able to control it,” added Crespo.

Highlights from the Falcon coach’s press conference:

“Playing every three days is very hard and part of everyone’s learning. That is why it is so important to have a good squad ”.

“It is not a concern, the idea of ​​being protagonists causes wear and tear and makes us not have been in the best way. Beyond all, I take the opportunity to congratulate my players and the club and all those who were on the other side. We were fighting a lot to achieve this ”.

“We were one ball away from qualifying in the Libertadores. We went to Paraguay and we won, we recovered from a mistake today, what we are doing is very important ”.

“I told my players to repeat what they were doing. Maybe we should be a little more precise, but we were controlling the game well. Also, I reassured them about what they were doing and that they could win it. “

“We are learning while we are on the road. There are very few of the guys who have international experience. This group has proven to be of enormous value. We are here to be competitive, but we are going to suffer as we all suffer ”.

“I am convinced that the team can give more, but very happy.”

“You have to see what it touches, it is going to touch us in a barbarous place, be it Rio de Janeiro or Caracas.”

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