Will they continue? Toto Wolff spoke of the Lewis Hamilton rumors: “Nothing is 100% safe”

Lewis Hamilton

In the last hours, the world of Formula 1 was shaken by the statements of Lewis hamilton, in which he emphasizes that he does not see his continuity so sure next year. In addition, he put a cloak of doubt on Toto wolff, as he said they have very similar looks as to the future of the category. This Tuesday, the team leader himself Mercedes took charge of stopping feeding the rumors.

The Austrian had already confirmed his continuity next year as the leader of the German structure. However, Hamilton put a blanket of doubts about the future, since he expressed that the road in Formula 1 they travel together. Wolff did not say otherwise about this expression, although he made it clear that he does not plan to leave the category anytime soon.

Speaking to a British media, Wolff was in charge of clarifying the rumors that Hamilton himself fed in the last hours. I think we go together in a way. We have a symbiosis and it is obviously important where our hearts and minds are for next year. But I said this is my team. I’m very proud of Mercedes and I’m not going anywhere, ”Wolff pointed out bluntly.

Everything can change

Despite confirming that he will continue at Mercedes, Wolff assured that the passage of time will be essential. «My role may change in the future, and that is what is asked, and I believe that nothing is 100% certain. It is like Niki Lauda Back in the ’70s: you could wake up on a Friday or Saturday morning on a track and say,’ I’m not having fun anymore. And I think that can happen to anyone, “said the team leader.

The Hamilton Renovation

Finally, Wolff assured that the next step for Hamilton to continue in the category is to renew his contract with Mercedes, although he does not know when it will be. “The team and I have it pretty clear: it’s just about putting the pen on the paper at the right time. I also concentrated on bringing these championships home and it is always negative to spend days with lawyers and contract people, when I am so focused on what happens on the track, “he said.

Toto Wolff at the festivities this Sunday. Source: Mercedes AMG official Twitter

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