Devin Haney points out that Teófimo López wants to deceive people by saying that he is undisputed champion

Devin Haney señala que Teófimo López quiere engañar a la gente diciendo que es campeón indiscutible

Devin Haney ensures that Teofimo Lopez Y Top rank are trying to convince people that Lopez he is an undisputed world champion in lightweight, when in fact he is not.

“No, it isn’t,” he said. Devin Haney answering the question if Teofimo Lopez He is the undisputed lightweight champion, that is, champion of the four organisms. “There is no way it can be. It has the franchise title (del CMB), so it can’t be indisputable. That is a fact”.

The statements of Haney arose within the program of Ak and Barak that is transmitted through the platform DAZN, where Haney was as a guest.

Does Devin Haney have the WBC portion of the lightweight world championship?

It should be remembered that Devin Haney is the lightweight world champion CMB in its regular version. When Lomachenko was the champion of CMB, Haney tried to get the mandatory fight but the CMB decided to name the Ukrainian as franchise champion, and elevated to Haney from interim champion to regular champion.

That is Devin Haney he was elevated to regular champion by a decision at the table and not on the ring. Therefore, critics of Haney they began to call him the champion by email, because they assure that it was by email as Haney found out he was champion of the CMB.

Later, Lomachenko faced Teofimo Lopez in a unification fight that he won Lopez. Before that fight, the president of the CMB, Mauricio Sulaiman, came out to confirm that they considered Lomachenko as his world lightweight champion, and that the undisputed championship was at stake against Lopez. That, despite the fact that the regular championship was held by Haney.

The confusion over the undisputed title of Teófimo López

That controversy generated confusion, and therefore, Haney Maintains that Teofimo Lopez He is not the undisputed champion, because he considers himself the champion of the CMB.

“I think that he (Lopez) Y Top rank they are trying to brainwash people with this email issue, pulling out false information to try to prove that they are undisputed champion, “he says Haney. “How can you be the undisputed champion if your next opponent cannot be the undisputed champion if they beat you?”

And it is that the designation of franchise champion of the CMB it is not transferable. When the CMB named Lomachenko undisputed champion it was specified that he could not transfer that designation, that is, that the opponent who defeated the Ukrainian would not inherit that designation. But Teofimo Lopez made the request to CMB to be considered a franchise champion if he beat Lomachenko, and the body accepted, specifying that it was an exception to its statutes.

That is, if there is a rival who beats Teofimo Lopez, would not inherit the franchise title, and therefore there would be no portion of the title CMB in Game. He could not be undisputed champion. And that’s the point of Devin Haney, that since the franchise title is non-transferable, the only way for there to be an undisputed champion is for them to beat Haney the regular champion of CMB.

“(Teofimo Lopez), your next rival, if not Devin Haney, he cannot fight to be indisputable unless he makes the request, as you did, ”he said. Haney. “And the request is for the franchise title, not for the undisputed one.”

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