“I am the big fight for Gervonta Davis”, assures Ryan García


Ryan Garcia assured that he is the big fight for Gervonta davis, and called the lightweight world champion a coward.

Gervonta and I would make a great fight, he knows it “, affirmed Garcia in communication with TMZ Sports. “The only way Gervonta You can have a great fight, it’s with me. There is no other to make the mega fight that he wants ”.

Davis’ team management, according to García

In the eyes of Ryan Garcia, maybe the team of Gervonta davis he guards his main figure from alleged risky shows.

“They play chess with confrontations, and we all know that we can both knock out our rivals,” he remarked. Kingry. “We know we can put people who don’t belong in the same ring as us to sleep.”

“One day you have to face someone who can put you to sleep, and that’s what I try to do. I try to go in there, and give the fans a fight to remember for the rest of their lives, ”the 22-year-old emphasized.

“Let’s do it now. They have to go through me if they want a big fight, like Pacquiao or Mayweather. They have to have me ”, he launched Garcia. “I am the chess piece they need, so it is up to them how they want to play it. I can play the same way, and I can fight guys who don’t belong in my space, to put them to sleep like he does Gervonta davis“.

“I’m never hater, I’m not saying it sucks, but you have to face great challenges,” the Californian referred to Tank. “This will be my great challenge, he will be my Sonny liston“.

The contest of Ryan García and Luke Campbell

Ryan Garcia pretends not to give his presentation before Luke campbell the attention it deserves, but he himself denied that theory.

“I do not overlook Campbell. He is a great fighter, but I will take care of my affairs, “said Flash. “That’s the fight I want (against Gervonta). I can definitely play it the way they play it. “

Ryan Garcia ensures that he is confident that he can beat Gervonta davis.

“I am extremely confident that I can beat him,” he said. Ryan. “He’s just an abusive big boy. He just attacks, doesn’t move his head, and doesn’t care if he gets hit. Try to knock yourself out. That doesn’t scare me. I never feel against a bully. I’ve dealt with it in school, and I’ve beaten a couple of them. So I am not concerned ”.

Nor does he fear the way Gervonta davis knocked out Leo Santa Cruz.

“It did not raise my pulse,” he says Ryan. “I already knew that was going to happen, but my respect for Leo for being a warrior. My respects to Gervonta for landing that monster punch. He did a great job, my respects. “

Y Ryan took the opportunity to launch a last invitation to Gervonta davis.

“Do not run from this so special,” he said Ryan. “I’m ready. I can also paste like that. Do not run away, Gervonta“.

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