Incredible! Fernando Alonso had his test in Bahrain: “It was love at first sight”

Fernando Alonso

This Wednesday was a fundamental day for the preparation of Fernando Alonso. The Spaniard made a test in the circuit of Bahrain with the team Renault. The car you used could be used in this test Carlos Sainz in 2018, because this year he already used it in a shooting session at the Barcelona circuit about a month ago.

Alonso was able to complete 93 laps of the demanding Bahrain track. This is a significant quality jump to the skills of the Asturian, who was finally able to do a long session. A career of Formula 1 it has on average 60 turns. So what was done by Alonso would correspond to: a race, a training session and a qualifying session.

On his Twitter account, the Spaniard shared a series of images of what was experienced at dusk on the circuit. In addition, he highlighted the beauty of the car and the day he was able to do. “It was love at first sight,” Alonso stressed to the message from the Renault team. “The R.S18 meets Fernando, Fernando knows the RS18”, says the tweet from the French structure.

The car according to Sainz

Due to this test in which the 2018 car was used, Carlos Sainz gave his feelings of that season. “I didn’t like that car at the beginning of the season, it was difficult for me to adapt to it. It is a difficult car to drive. It was difficult for me to find the set-up, but I think that at the end of the year I managed to finish the year and demonstrate my potential much better, ”said Sainz.

On the other hand, Sainz assured that the car from two years ago has a lot of speed compared to this year. “He was not more than 1 second per lap than the cars we drove this year, so he is going to impress him just as he impressed him in Barcelona when he got back into a Formula 1 car,” he added.

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