Kell Brook warns Crawford that he is not finished and that he will have a “rude awakening” on November 14

Kell Brook advierte a Crawford que no está acabado y que tendrá un "rudo despertar" el 14 de noviembre

Kell brook warns Terence crawford that it is not finished and that it is better not to take it lightly, facing the fight that both will star on November 14.

“They are going to know what I have left in two weeks, and believe me, I still have a lot left,” he said. Kell brook in interview for Morning kombat.

If you believe that Brook It is finished, says the Englishman, they are going to get a surprise. And that those who believe that he is no longer the same fighter who gave problems to Gennady Golovkin already Errol spenceYou can stay in that thought, because it will surprise you.

“I hope so”, he said Brook, “because if Crawford He takes me lightly, he’s going to have a rude awakening on November 14, believe me, because I’m going to go out on him. “

Kell brook make sure you’re ready for Terence crawford.

“I have done everything they have asked me in training,” he explained. Crawford. “I’m ready, super conditioned, super strong, and I’m ready to dethrone the Libra-for-Libra king in boxing. I’m ready”.

The Englishman, former world welterweight champion FIB, ensures that Crawford is the one who should feel pressured.

“The pressure is with Terence“, said Brook. “He hasn’t fought someone like me. I’m a guy who has fought middleweight against Golovkin. He has to show me that he is great. I’ve heard he’s super great, but he has to prove it to me. I have seen it. It does everything extremely well. I can’t sit here and say he’s doing something wrong, but I’m the guy who’s going to dethrone him. “

Brook knows what he can bring to the table in a fight against Crawford.

“I can surprise you with power,” he said Brook. “I have great balance, great precision, great jab, and he knows it’s a real fight. He knows”.

Kell Brook’s eye injuries

In 2016, Kell brook he was the best welterweight in the world when he decided to move up to middleweight to challenge Gennady Golovkin. The result was that Brook I was fighting a competitive fight, until Golovkin He began to deliver power blows, and the fight turned into a beating in favor of the Kazakh. That traumatic beating before Golovkin He left him touched and fractured the orbital bone of his right eye.

Brook returned a few months later, in May 2017 to face Errol spence, who at that time was a prospect that was climbing strongly in the category. He put up a good fight until Spence He fractured the orbital bone, but now the other eye, the left. Brook he ended up putting one knee on the canvas in the eleventh round.

Brook He has the qualities to make a very good fight to Crawford, but the big question remains in the condition of his eyes after the fractures he suffered against Golovkin Y Spence.

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