Of the best! Four impressive knockouts at this Wednesday’s Contender Series

Of the best!  Four impressive knockouts at this Wednesday's Contender Series

The Dana White’s Contender Series had a new episode this Wednesday night, where four were lived knockouts. Only that number of fights could be seen in the Apex in Las Vegas, since the fifth was suspended for positive of COVID-19. In this way, with eight fighters who would seek to win their contract with UFC, half of them obtained it and it was with just cause. Impressive what was seen a few hours ago.

Started high

In the first of the night and after good fist crosses from the start, Jared vanderaa could get the most powerful of all. This happened when Harry Hunsucker wanted to take his rival to the canvas, which he should not even have tried. There, the winner took advantage of this and settled the fight on the octagon mat, connecting very hard against his head. Therefore, the judge had to interpose and conclude with the story between the two.

Spectacular kicks

Although the first fight of the night had lasted just under a round, this time the three were lived almost completely. The two fighters from the second fight dealt very good fists, but the kicks from Luis Saldana they were the ones that stood out and made a difference in the contest. In this way, the aforementioned managed to place two front kick in a row, Vince Murdock fell and that was where he took the opportunity to climb on top of him and destroy his face with blows.

A true promise

On the third and penultimate of the night, where Ignacio Bahamondes He showed off and is all the rage, he experienced one of the knockouts of the decade. The Chilean Mixed Martial Arts fighter delivered one of the best and most shocking images at the event, where he finished Edson Gómez with a terrible kick. As expected, both fought a very good battle to win a contract with the UFC, which went to South America.

The showman

Bruno Oliveira, who had never been finalized in a cage before, crossed paths with Carlos Ulberg in the fourth and last contest of the night. The New Zealander destroyed the Brazilian in less than three minutes, demonstrating the very good gait of the oceanic in the cage. With two powerful fists, in the middle of a crossing of hands, he put the South American to sleep, who promised to be a new UFC star. Ultimately, that combination was all it took for Israel Adesanya’s sparring team to become a giant.

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