Spectacular! Paige VanZant’s debut in boxing without gloves is a few days away

Spectacular!  Paige VanZant's debut in boxing without gloves is a few days away

The beautiful American fighter with a past in the UFC, Paige VanZant, debuts in Boxing without gloves BKFC. After being released from the company that Dana White commands, the blonde will be competing for hundreds of thousands of dollars in Bare Knuckle Fighting Championship. It should be noted that this is a sport full of blood and disfigured faces. In this one, the most striking images stand out, with blows without cushioning.

In this way, David Feldman, President of BKFC He spoke with the press and mentioned the following: “Yes, we will do it the Friday before the Super Bowl, right around the Super Bowl, where it will be. It is going to be a great event for us. We are going to do it on Friday, February 5, Paige VanZant, that will be his debut for us. I think it’s really going to be a very good launch party for Paige’s debut and for BKFC in general to be among the major sports media, ”said Feldman.

For his part, the aforementioned also said: “All the sports media in the world will be there and I think we will attract the attention of many of them that weekend. It’s going to be a great weekend for us and a great debut for Paige VanZant. He will definitely be in the top two fights. Whether it’s the main event or the co-main event, we’re still not 100 percent sure. It depends on who takes what fight. We will find out in the next two or three weeks.

Fans already want to see her in action

“Once we have that card fully solidified, we will make that decision, but she has to be near the top or at the top because she will be making all the combat sports headlines for that one. So we have to give him his due, “explained the president. Paige She didn’t have a good time in the UFC, but they trust to make her a star of the Bare Knuckle Fighting Championship.

Concluding with his words, David Feldman anticipated the date when he will fight: “She is training very, very hard. We are going to do a special series about her. Will be called Paige VanZant: Ungloved. We are going to do a behind the scenes of her preparing for this fight, her home life and everything that led up to this journey and ultimately her first fight with Bare Knuckle Fighting Championships 5th February”.

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