They keep adding! Four new UFC contracts jumped from the Contender Series

They keep adding!  Four new UFC contracts jumped from the Contender Series

Four new contracts were awarded in the Dana White’s Contender Series of this Wednesday, those who will now fight in UFC. Only that number of fights could be seen in the Apex in Las Vegas, since the fifth was suspended for positive of COVID-19. Thus, with eight fighters wanting to impress the “boss,” half of them got it, and it was for good reason. This being the case, they have already put their ink on the paper.

Jared vanderaa

One of the new names in the leading Mixed Martial Arts company is Jared vanderaa, who said: «Have a contract with UFC It means everything to me For my family, for my girlfriend, my team, my business and everything else. I hope I have left enough to continue at that level and to grow in this sport. I try to bring everyone with me in every fight and they must be there now. Thank you all for this”.

Luis Saldana

Another who impressed Dana White was Luis Saldana, the one who commented: “It’s funny how it all ended. Inside me I was thinking it was a spider, so I threw that kick and luckily it did some good damage. That front kick was key in the match for the finish. Luckily it went well. Hopefully Dana (White) was impressed and liked. The contract with UFC It is my obsession and I will not stop until I have it, that was my thought. Today was a great step in my life.

Ignacio Bahamondes

“Before I compared the fight to Anderson Silva’s a long time ago and now I have to say the same thing. The knockout was for him and I hope he liked it. I would be very happy to represent my country. Not only to my country, but to all those who support me. I would be very happy to fulfill that. I know they will see me again in this cage. Get my contract with UFC it was what I was looking for », he also added Ignacio Bahamondes, the third hired and who left the best image of the night.

Carlos Ulberg

To close the evening, Carlos Ulberg he smashed an undefeated and signed his bond with Dana White. I’m really ready to be in UFC and for that I worked for a long time. I spent several years with my sights set on Kick Boxing and now is the time to take the plunge. Now we just have to wait for the call to be there. I am ready and very good. I hope my debut is soon. I feel great, ”said the New Zealander.

Contender Series Results

Jared vanderaa (winner by first round TKO) vs. Hunsucker.
Luis Saldana (third round TKO victory) vs. Vince Murdock.
Edson Gomez vs. Ignacio Bahamondes (victory by knockout in the first round).
Carlos Ulberg (first round knockout win) vs. Bruno Oliveira.

Contender Series.
Jared Vanderaa.
Contender Series.
Luis Saldana.
Contender Series.
Ignacio Bahamondes.
Contender Series.
Carlos Ulberg.

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