Villarreal vs. Maccabi Tel-Aviv – Match Report – November 5, 2020

Villarreal vs.  Maccabi Tel-Aviv - Match Report - November 5, 2020

(EFE) – Two goals by Carlos Bacca and the goals of the young Baena and Niño led to a win by the Villarreal before him Maccabi from Tel Aviv in a match in which the local team left a rival who did not create danger without options.

Although both teams shared the leadership of their group in the Europa LeagueFrom the opening whistle the superiority of the team trained by Unai Emery was evident.

The control of the local game was not accompanied by excessive scoring chances, but it gave enough of itself for the Spanish team to resolve the duel with great solvency.

A corner kick taken by Parejo after four minutes was headed to a goal unopposed by Colombian Carlos Bacca, which gave way to a phase of the match completely dominated by the home team.

Maccabi did not react after the goal and maintained a defensive profile, quite conservative, against an opponent who handled the ball well, but did not show a special display in pursuit of the second goal.

So it was until the equator of the first period, when Maccabi gave some sign of wanting to seek a tie, although with hardly any depth.

Villarreal was comfortable, he handled the ball without giving the opponent a choice, but also without options to expand the account despite the technical and approach superiority shown against an opponent with less potential.

At halftime the match came without Maccabi having disturbed the local goal, but also without Villarreal having given clear signs of wanting to close the match with a second goal.

Against Sivasspor, in the first match of the Europa League, Villarreal went 2-0 ahead and before the break tied at two.

Now, it was necessary to verify if the lesson of that encounter had been learned because, little by little, Maccabi stopped resembling that of the first minutes of play.

The start of the second half was a replica of what was seen at the beginning of the match with a new header from Bacca at the first exchange.

With the score 2-0, the game did not change. Villarreal maintained the initiative and Maccabi continued without reaching the goal of an inactive Rulli. A pass from Bacca to young Álex Baena made it 3-0.

The match was resolved when Saborit, headed, had the first chance of the match for the Israeli team (m.78). Shortly after, the 4-0 came in a great play that ended with Fer Niño.

Thus, Villarreal che missed the clash with qualification for the round of 32 of the Europa League very on track.

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