Atlético Tucumán vs. Independent – Party Report – November 5, 2020

Atlético Tucumán vs.  Independent - Party Report - November 5, 2020

( services) – Independiente stayed with the duel between Argentine teams in the Copa Sudamericana: they drew 1-1 against Atlético in Tucumán and, thanks to the 1-0 victory in Avellaneda, advanced to the next phase of the tournament international. Silvio Romero (as in the first leg) celebrated for Rojo. Leonardo Heredia scored for the homeowner.

After a start from the Dean with full aggressiveness in order to balance the series, Independiente began to find spaces to hurt. And, at 20 minutes, two heads in the area were a goal: Silvio Romero signed the 1-0 that gave tranquility to those guided by Lucas Pusineri.

However, at 40, the Dean made his offensive power weigh. Luciano Fabián Monzón climbed up the right lane, sent the center to the heart of the area and Heredia, with a header, made it 1-1.

Red had better chances to score against: Laucha Lucchetti emerged as a figure in the first half, drowning out the screams of Silvio Romero and Domingo Blanco.

In the second stage, Ricardo Zielinski put his heart on the field. Knowing that he needed two conquests to advance in the phase, already at halftime he put Augusto Lotti (forward) by Franco Mussis (stopper midfielder). And then he bet with Chavo Alustiza (another tip) for Pichi Erbes.

Thus the tucumanos locked up for long stretches of the complement to the Devils in their area. With direct actions and centers, yes, but even so, they gave Sebastián Sosa a lot of work, who stood out as in the first crossing.

Independiente also had possibilities to finish the series early. Martínez hit a free kick on the post and Silvio Romero and So Señora, in solitary runs, were not precise before the goal.

But the score did not change. And Independiente signed an interesting restart of activity after the stoppage due to the coronavirus pandemic, given that for the Professional League Cup they defeated Central Córdoba 1-0 in Santiago del Estero.

In the next phase, the team led by Pusineri awaits Fénix from Uruguay, who surpassed Huachipato, from Chile.

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