Beccacece denied the tense climate in Racing and discomfort with the players

Beccacece denied the tense climate in Racing and discomfort with the players

After a week with rumors of tension and absolute secrecy in the Racing training sessions, Sebastián Beccacece came out to deny any discomfort, in a press conference.

“Here harmony continues to reign as in the previous days,” said the coach. We continue to work in a great climate, with a united group, with people who want to work, with the spirit hurt by the defeat, yes, but with clear ideas. I didn’t kick anyone out, we all work in the same place, with respect for the place of the other, of the person who works, because I believe it and that is how I was educated. My joy is immense to be here. It is strange that this has become viral, which is false. I know the spheres of the big clubs and what can happen after a defeat. We trust the group, at work, we made our debut guys, we had a high percentage of points in a growth process … I don’t know what all this is attributed to, which has not been true “

Despite his clarification, Beccacece accepted that Mario Briceño, from Security, asked for privacy “for a particular moment when he should be alone with the campus.” The DT claimed to have a “great relationship” with the club employee.

In addition, he specified: “Neither did I fight with Marcelo Díaz, whom I admire, nor did I take anyone out of training. Let the fans know that the coach did not do anything strange, that he is in full swing, happy to be in Racing, with a committed group, supported by the leadership and the Technical Secretariat. I have had to live in such a context and I know it, nothing surprises me now, but it is striking that it arises now. There is nothing to hide, neither the team nor how we work. We cannot lose sight of who we are in an election year. “

“I say this up front, we have a group committed to the cause, that is going to compete, that sometimes may not reach the level that is intended, but that is fully with the work and with what comes.”

“I said the reference to electoral time because one knows the previous climates. I’m not going to give more importance to those rumors that have no foundation, “he said.

And he again reinforced his denial about the rumors this week, after the hard defeat against Atlético Tucumán: “The secrecy is all false, there was not a day that the team did not know each other on Thursday. I don’t want to control what happens outside, I take care of what happens inside. It doesn’t affect me that the team is known, not at all. What can be hidden? I believe in privacy as a value, in the energy that is generated in that area. There are no secrets or secrecy; what was said did not happen and I think all of this was malicious. But I’m not naive: in a big club, when you lose, you have to generate content … “

“The previous Racing, the one with the problems, is not going to come back because we are not going to give it space. This drive only focuses on energy with your workgroup. The second leg showed us at a good level, especially in the Copa Libertadores matches, where we generated a lot and had no problems in our area. Yes we lacked forcefulness. In the local start, against Atlético Tucumán, we had a first half in which we had more situations than the rival, but we did show shortcomings and neglect in the defensive zone. That was evident and we worked to correct it. There is a mature and responsible group that realizes what it has to do to improve, that lives in harmony and with commitment to its work. That’s why it bothers that so many nonsensical things are said ”.

“The doctors never told me not to put Lisandro or Matías. If they had told me something preventive about Alexis (Soto). It is normal that, in this context, there are muscle injuries, especially in the rectum, which is a muscle that comes into play with hitting the ball, and which was inactive for almost six months. Suddenly they began to compete, without friendlies, and it is logical that this happens and we all go through the same, just see what happens in other clubs. We make no excuses, we work with a great group that combines experienced people and guys. And for that we prepare and solve them on the fly, facing what arises. Before the pandemic, with a continuous and normal pre-season preparation, we had no injuries in all the games we played, which were ten between local competition and Copa Libertadores. Now we have four affected players, plus Soto and Díaz, who have to have surgery. It is a sensible loss for all that it represents ”.

“We will have to adapt to a team building without Marcelo. Lolo Miranda has the conditions to play in the position of central midfielder, he did it in Defense and Justice at a high level ”.

“What about Marcelo (Díaz) is not going to limit us. When one consolidates a squad, one relies on spare parts and modifications of the playing structure. I am quite flexible in that sense ”.

“Licha did everything well as a center forward last Sunday and also when he entered with Estudiantes de Mérida. If someone wanted to cast doubts on that, they were already without support. It is not necessary to label a player of such hierarchy or confine him to a space. I see him at his best: he has two titles and now he wants another. He returned with great integrity and sets an example for us with his dedication ”.

“All the rivals in Argentina demand the maximum and are very competitive. I have a lot of respect for our League. River has dominated America and has not yet been able to win locally in Marcelo Gallardo’s cycle. And what is happening in the South American Cup shows the competitiveness and toughness of the Argentine teams ”.

“Taking the lead carries risks, it is logical. We are ready to do it, with the necessary adjustments. If the rival withdraws, we have to go together to break that withdrawal, knowing that there are 50 meters behind our centrals. The setback and recovery require a defensive reconstruction with a lot of organization so as not to be exposed and run behind the rivals ”.

“We saw the three matches of the Union, the League Cup and the South American. It did very well in an adverse scenario. He will surely demand us; he is well armed. As in Argentine soccer, we will have to be under high tension to compete at the highest level ”.

“We are focused on the present. What comes will be seen in due course, as the continuity of the contracts that end. We will see what comes near the end of the year ”.

“The most important thing is to return to being a solid, competitive, aggressive team that puts pressure on, that knows how to play the second balls. From there, then, you have to be able to have the ball and manage it. But the first thing to recover is that solidity that has led us to be the team with the fewest situations against in the Copa Libertadores. I trust that this will be the case because I have a mature and intelligent group that knows what went wrong and what needs to be done to get back to the best level. The human quality and the talent of this group are a guarantee that we can recover ”.

“I feel like a passionate coach, I know what I want and I try to convey it to my players. Everything else depends on how they see me… The protagonists of this story are the footballers; the coach feels, plans, projects, perceives, but the players play, that is why they are the protagonists. If it is perceived that I am capricious, that I do not know … I do not think I am. In order to manage many egos, you must first control your own. I’m not looking for the exhibition or putting myself in the center as a reference ”.

“There is always a blow that gets you back on track. The important thing is to return to the path that we already knew how to generate and for that we must put the energy in the now. Perhaps we were not fully present in the match with Atlético Tucumán, we blurred thinking about the immediate future, and we paid for that with a performance that had nothing to do with everything we did this year ”.

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