International match: Uruguay beat Spain 19-10

International match: Uruguay beat Spain 19-10

This Friday, in Montevideo, the second test match was played between Uruguay and Spain. In what was a very even development, the local team managed, with a good defense, to always keep the result in favor, and in that way he managed to stay with the victory by 19-10.

The first half went to Los Teros, who went 13-0 at halftime, and although in the second half the men of the European team had the chance to dream of a comeback, they were not able to materialize some good minutes of rapid movement, which avoided celebrating as they had done last Sunday, when they won 32-20.

The first break was immediate, and although Los Teros did not manage to translate it into a try, they did leave with 3 points as a result of a penalty. A few minutes later, the locals were going to hurt again. First, through another penalty for the 6-0 partial and, immediately, with a great conquest of Favaro on the flag, after a great individual maneuver of Etcheverry.

The closing of the first half was starred by the three yellow cards that suffered Victor Sanchez (due to repeated offenses), Mattew Foulds and Nicolás Freitas after an unfortunate moment of tension between both groups.

With two fewer players on the pitch, the Lions came out in the second half ready to get the comeback. A kick from David mele opened the score, and almost immediately, Julen Goia he found the gap between the rival defense to support his own.

The party, little by little, was transformed into a territorial dispute, in which the team selected from Esteban Meneses, who was going to take advantage of the indiscipline of the Spaniards to add the last 6 points of the game through Favaro’s foot.

In any case, it should be noted that, having obtained a greater difference in points in favor between the two test matches, Spain was left with the Uruguay Cup.

Referee: Federico Anselmi.

Uruguay: 1. Matías Benítez, 2. Guillermo Pujadas, 3. Diego Arbelo, 4. Felipe Aliaga, 5. Juanjuan Garese, 6. Manuel Ardao, 7. Santiago Civetta, 8. Manuel Diana, 9. Guillermo Lijtenstein, 10. Felipe Etcheverry, 11. Rodrigo Silva, 12. Andrés Vilaseca (c), 13. Nicolás Freitas, 14. Federico Favaro, 15. Gastón Mieres.

Spain: 1- Fernando López (c), 2. Vicente Del Hoyo, 3. Andrés Alvarado, 4. Manu Mora, 5. Víctor Sánchez, 6. Matthew Foulds, 7. Fred Quercy, 8. Afa Tauli, 9. Facundo Munilla, 10 David Melé, 11. Julen Goia, 12. Gonzalo Vinuesa, 13. Andrea Rabago, 14. Ignacio Contardi, 15. Richard Stewart.

Source: Spain Rugby.

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