Los Pumas: with 7 ‘Europeans’ in the XV for the friendly in Australia

Los Pumas: with 7 'Europeans' in the XV for the friendly in Australia

The Pumas continue to add minutes on the court and again they will have a friendly match against a Waratahs team called Rugby Australia Selection. Now with the entire squad at his disposal, except for a few players who have their respective physical discomfort, Mario Ledesma finally confirmed the team that will go out on the court at dawn on Saturday in Argentina (1AM).

After the victory in the first match, the match will take place in the Leichhardt Oval of Sydney, stadium in which the establishment began its stay when it landed in Aussie lands and in which later the ‘Europeans’ continued. It will be the last test before the debut for the Three Nations against the All Blacks on November 14.

It is worth clarifying that the game will be played at three times of half an hour each, with the aim that everyone adds as many minutes on the court as possible.

In the first team, they will be Nahuel Tetaz Chaparro, Julián Montoya and Francisco Gómez Kodela on the front line, while Guido Petti and Matías Alemanno in the second, with Marcos Kremer, Captain Pablo Matera and Rodrigo Bruni in the third.

The media pair will be made up of Tomás Cubelli and Nicolás Sánchez. Youth will reign in the center of the court with Santiago Chocobares and Lucio Cinti. Finally, the three in the background will be: Bautista Delguy, Juan Imhoff and Santiago Carreras.

On the other hand, Facundo Isa, Emiliano Boffelli, Jerónimo de la Fuente and Lucas Mensa They would not be of the game since they worked in a different way with some annoyances.



The Australian coach spoke about the mix of young and experienced players on the team led by Mario Ledesma. (Source: UAR)

THE PUMAS: 1- Nahuel Tetaz Chaparro, 2- Julián Montoya, 3- Francisco Gómez Kodela, 4- Guido Petti, 5- Matías Alemanno, 6- Pablo Matera, 7- Marcos Kremer, 8- Rodrigo Bruni, 9- Tomás Cubelli, 10- Nicolás Sánchez, 11- Juan Imhoff, 12- Santiago Chocobares, 13- Lucio Cinti, 14- Bautista Delguy, 15- Santiago Carreras.

Alternates: 16- Mayco Vivas, 17- Santiago Socino, 18- Lucio Sordoni; 19- Lucas Paulos, 20- Facundo Bosch, 21- Gonzalo Bertranou, 22- Domingo Miotti, 23- Rodrigo Fernández Criado, 24- Juan Pablo Zeiss, 25- Tomás Loezana, 26- Francisco Gorrissen, 27-Santiago Grondona, 28- Juan Cruz Mallía, 29- Santiago Cordero. 30- Federico Wergzyn, 31- Sebastián Cancelliere, 32- Ramiro Moyano, 33- Felipe Ezcurra, 34- Santiago Medrano, 35- Tomás Albornoz, 36- Ignacio Calas, 37- Joaquín Oviedo. 38- José Luis González, 39- Ignacio Calles, 40- Matías Orlando, 41- Juan Martín González.

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