Luque: “I think this is the first time or one of the few times that Diego is said no”

Luque: "I think this is the first time or one of the few times that Diego is said no"

Soccer star Diego Maradona, who was hospitalized last Monday and subsequently operated on for edema in the brain, insists on leaving the hospital, although his doctor declines to discharge him so that he can continue with withdrawal treatment.

“I think this is the first time or one of the few times that Diego has been told no. I think he needs a lot of care, We all know that Diego needs a lot of care, “Dr. Leopoldo Luque, his personal physician, said in statements to the press on Friday.

At the doors of the Olivos Clinic, north of Buenos Aires, where “el 10” is admitted, the neurosurgeon also remarked that Maradona, 60, is a “difficult” person.

“I have been criticized and Diego’s medical care has been criticized. What I have always wanted the most since I met him is to give him the best care, but Diego is very difficult, very difficult, he cannot imagine what Diego is but this time he had to be or to try, we are trying to be stronger than him “, he sentenced.

As happened earlier this week, Luque recalled that the current coach of Gymnastics and Fencing La Plata “continues to insist” that he wants to leave the hospital, although “he always understood” that he has to stay “and” he is going to stay. “

The doctor pointed out that the former soccer player is now sedated to “calm” the withdrawal process. On Friday afternoon, Luque announced that Maradona would not be discharged and would remain hospitalized to receive “withdrawal treatment”, although he did not give more details about it.

Last June, the same doctor, in a television program, acknowledged that Pelusa had “some anxiolytics prescribed for quite some time.”

“They are treatments that we continue because some medications cannot be taken out just like that. The body develops tolerance and withdrawing them drastically can cause life-threatening reactions. He is on medication, and he drinks alcohol and we are working on it,” he said then .

Maradona was admitted to a clinic in the Buenos Aires city of La Plata on Monday for anemia, dehydration and a “low mood”, but undergoing more detailed check-ups he was diagnosed with a subdural hematoma for which he underwent surgery.

Last Friday Maradona, who has a long history of health problems and addictions, was at the Gimnasia y Esgrima La Plata stadium, the club he directs, on the first day of the new Argentine tournament, but visibly retired after a few minutes impaired and with mobility problems.

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