Pusineri: “The footballers showed a lot of will”

Pusineri: "The footballers showed a lot of will"

Lucas Pusineri He retired happy with the work of his Independent after drawing 1-1 with Atlético Tucumán in the second leg for the Cup CONMEBOL South American Y having achieved the passage after sealing the key with a 2-1 victory on aggregate. The coach said that his players “showed a lot of will”

The DT of Red He appeared at a press conference and highlighted the task of the entire team that got the ticket to the next instance: “the footballers showed a lot of will. We saw a serious team, well planted, where they had the opportunity to leave a good image and that makes them proud, especially considering the possibility of passing the stage and beating a very good team ”.

In addition, he stated that, although it was not a perfect match, little by little he is achieving what he is looking for in his team: “The team had goal situations, with the shooting that we are winning and achieving, I think we are going to improve things that there are. But we are going the way of what one proclaims ”.

As for the figure of the match, Pusineri did not highlight any player in particular, but he did highlight the collective work and remarked that “I feel that the team is today the figure of having passed to the second round. I feel that the team is very willful, that this is being reflected on the field of play. Individually we are well connected, the players are making an effort and that is remarkable for the common good that the team is having ”.

In the balance of the two Independiente games, Rojo’s coach pointed out that “I really liked both games. Perhaps the situations that this has, which is a cup match and this is a suffering until the last moment ”.

On the issues to improve over time, Pusineri stated that “There are always things to improve, this is a constant learning, our players with all the games there are going to gain confidence and they will have the shooting. In fact, the players who entered the second half raised the bar to improve their teammates, and we have been demonstrating it game by game ”.

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